Gunman opens fire at restaurant in Brussels

Stop playing word games.

That would be very virtuous-y.

Talk to SF. He called them invaders.

They are invaders. Glad we could agree.

If I wanted to talk to @SneakySFDude I would.

If you want to direct your snark properly for that particular comment, you will.

You know you do…

I haven’t been snarky at all. I am and have been flat out calling you out for being a sympathizer, bleeding heart supporter of immigrants who choose not to integrate.

Don’t be such a Krampus, it’s Christmas :heart_eyes:

Christmas has nothing to do with how your views and mine conflict.

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True, but it isn’t nice to make that public (blush). :rofl:

They didn’t come to assimilate. They came to take advantage of welfare programs.


Well that just puts the whole thing in a nutshell :wink:

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Don’t forget the cultural enrichment.

Shocking Muslim Washes Anus in Public Fountain put fingers in his …

]( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [

Germany: Muslim migrants defecate in pool, invade girls’ changing room. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [

REPORT: Locals Fled Pool After Migrants Masturbated Into Jacuzzi …
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [

Muslim chef contaminates kitchen with feces by washing his anus at a …
]( That being said, anyone here got a hankering for some good old Islamic cuisine?

Yes…they clean their asses with their fingers…and dare to call us filthy.

Pigs are cleaner.

Left hand only. The Islamic world is for that reason 100% right handed (forced right handedness where needed). Even if some family doesn’t clean themselves with their bare Left hand there is apparently a huge bias against any left handedness.

As for cleaner, it wasn’t too long ago that a study found self serve kiosks at McDonalds contaminated with feces. Lots of folks of all descriptions don’t bother washing their hands when they leave the restroom and considering what the average toilet does to spatter droplets (no lids on many public toilets) you can also take no comfort in that folks don’t wash their hands after handling the doorknobs on the way out either.

The problem starts with the assumption that you are letting civilized people into the country who will comport themselves in the same way the native population does with the same respect for laws and traditions as they have.

Immigration always creates problems for both the native and the immigrant, it takes time to assimilate.

Germany and France in particular opened the gates to mass immigration without any thought of the consequences.

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Don’t be making excuses for the filthy habit displayed here.

I don’t know that the subject video isn’t reverse frame, but he appears to be using his right hand. Left hand, right hand…who cares? Cleaning one’s rectum with one’s bare hands is a filthy, disgusting practice.

By the way, your own personal cellphone, computer keyboard and the money you handle daily are likely the most filthy things you will encounter. That is, unless you clean your ass with your hands.

They certainly are weird monkeys for sure. Ever see how Muslims treat dogs? The only animal that serves man without being prodded. The only animal that loves his master unconditionally. Your dog would die defending you; but your best friend may just run for it.

That’s impossible. Their government banned guns and protects them. Fake News!