Gunman opens fire at restaurant in Brussels



Two areas where I am totally nuts: seeing children safe, and cleanliness around food. I had a Dutch grandmother; and if you entered her kitchen and did not wash your hands, you got a gentle crack in the back of your head. If she was cooking - baking, and you didn’t wash your hands AND put on a hairnet, another crack. It does not matter how poor you are, you can still do your best to be clean. Every Thursday my grandmother baked bread. It was a ritual. Up at 4:00 in the morning; and then the cleaning began. First the hairnet, and then the nail cutting & hand scrubbing. Then the baking pan cleaning; and then the special linen cloths that she used to cover the dough were brought out. Then the special marble table for working the dough was uncovered & scrubbed. That day the kitchen was more or less off limits; at least until the dough was covered & rising. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This would have given my grandmother a stroke: Muslim chef contaminates kitchen with feces by washing his anus at a ……