Gunman opens fire at restaurant in Brussels

Seriously? I showed welcome and investment when I invited you into my home. I showed generosity. Now the responsibility is on the guest to show investment and to earn their way forward, not dirision for all that I’ve offered.

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Most welcome. Glad I could help.

They are guests. Don’t like the rules? Leave and go back to where you came from.

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That’s the height of self-sabotage expecting no effort on your part. But okay.

Anyway SF cleared it up - we are talking about invaders, not invited immigrants and refugees. Invaders should be repelled at the border.

You seem like a good guy. Happy Christmas to you and your family.

No effort on my part? Hmmm. My house. I built it. I paid for it. How did I do that? Well, it didn’t involve a magical wand waving. It took effort sacrifice and damn hard work.

Food? I earned the money by working my ass off to buy it.

So, let’s talk about self sabotage. You travel hundreds of miles hoping for a better life, right? What does that mean? That everyone around you has to change to accommodate your views or else? Or, could you have not been a chicken shit and stayed in your own country to enact change?

Like I said, okay. I hear your argument.

…or one that didn’t want to work through Christmas holidays.

It isn’t about me or my argument.

It is about fighting the perceptions you’ve espoused that these people are somehow victims.

They aren’t. They want to drag with them all of the draconian morals and values they fled from and impose it upon you and your country. They are like oil and water. They don’t mix and they don’t want to mix no matter how much you shake the bottle.

Wrong, and again - wrong. I have already stated my opinion that they are part of an argeement and as such have a responsibility. What you are failing to grasp is my contention that IF these people were invited by a host nation, it is the height of irresponsibility and recklessness for the authorities of that nation to assume their responsibility begins and ends with opening the door. And no, I don’t mean welfare or other unwarranted concessions, so don’t go there. I mean making a concerted effort to ensure these immigrants are invested in their new home and culture. Because the alternative only breeds radicalism.

You cannot force an investment in their new home and culture when it revolts them to their foundation.

With who? The elitist in Europe? Did they have a agreement with their people? if not why should the people be responsible since no one asked em?

Once again people are making decision for others without their permission.

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Have a responsibility.

To successfully integrate.

Into the nation and culture that welcomed them.

You too, Mr. Magoo :wink:. Merry Christmas.

But that’s not what you’re saying now is it?

Go back and read your posts.

Except it is.

You have a Happy Christmas, Conan. You are my favorite barbarian.

Yes, they do. They felt strongly enough to abandon their home country rather than to stay fight for what they felt was right.

In doing so they willingly stripped themselves of all that they came from.

Yet, they didn’t, did they. They don’t want to adapt. They are not at all interested or even curious about the land and people they’ve chosen as their new home.

They cannot be “assimilated”.
They have to assimilate.

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They choose not to assimilate.

If they are invaders as you said, they don’t need to be assimilated, they need to be repelled.