Greece Erects Massive Concrete Blocks To Halt Illegal Wave From Turkey

This has been a issue for Greece before the virus situation took hold, but now things seem to be taking a much sterner pace as Greece is now erecting concrete blocks to repel the invasion that Turkey is abetting in. In other words, they aren’t messing around.

As the rest of the globe is busy locking down borders amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Turkey has reportedly kept it migrant wave to the EU corridor open, resulting in continued chaos at Greek-Turkey border points, as desperate asylum seekers try any way possible to gain EU entry.

This now includes not just an ongoing militarized response on the Greek side to keep thousands from crossing illegally, but reportedly now erecting huge concrete blocks at key land crossings. The completely shuttered border crossings with Turkey are beginning to resemble war zones akin to WWI trenches and fortifications.

“Greece on Friday placed 5-foot concrete blocks at its Kastanies border crossing with Turkey to stop the entry of asylum seekers,” Turkey’s Anadolu Agency reports.

For weeks since Erdogan said he had in an act of retribution aimed at uncooperative EU states ‘opened the gates’ on hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees from Idlib seeking entry into Europe, the border situation has seen running battles between throngs of migrants and Greek border guards.

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Too dam late now . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Apparently They had enough and reached a breaking point.

So is Italy next building that big beautiful WALL ? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

They should, but unfortunately for Italy they are too deep with China and are now paying the price! Interesting how the countries that advocate Nationalism and borders have mitigated the health crisis, while other countries with open borders and advocate globalism are the countries suffering the most?

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With the spread of Coronavirus they should start mowing these invaders down.

The EU has already shot themselves in the head and are slowly dying. This is that final effort to live another day.

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Let the Turks keep all of them.They made a mess of things invading Syria to go after the Kurds.

What was big news 1-2 weeks ago? Turkey was trying to muscle Muslim invaders over the Greek border. Greeks fought back, NGOs and invasion-complicit fed police were getting their asses handed to them.

Now this has disappeared from the news cycle, which is now dominated by coronavirus. At the same time, US armed forces are deployed in operation “Defender Europe” with NATO.

Pundits in UK and European media have already supported using military power to overpower Greek resistance and aid the entry of invaders. Could this be the real purpose of “Defender Europe”-to suppress resistance to invasion at the Greek border? Has coronavirus been floated to distract the public from this?

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Yes it was, and I have been following this story, then as you say the Covid-19 stole the headlines and then was forgotten. I decided to post this because the story of Greece building cement barriers while the invaders watched them do it was pretty compelling. Imagine yourself in their shoes they are there waiting, watching while Greece is determined to keep them out by fortifying their border. It must suck to be them! Lol!

Wow! That is pretty fucked up! It seems that with nationalist countries on the rise, that it might serve as a catalyst for bigger wider conflict that puts the EU in the cross-hairs.

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‘massive concrete blocks’ sounds like a wall to me. Talking of ‘walls’, how’s yours coming along? :upside_down_face:

Why are you responding to me again? You looking to start a conversation or are you just wanting to post more of your crap sandwiches here again?

:roll_eyes: I responded to the OP??

Yeah sure! My bad! I thought you actually had something intelligent to say!

That’ll be the day? :rofl:

Whereas your invasion of Syria was a rip-roaring success? :smile:

Well it sounds like the UK wants to declare war on Greece to make them see the " European right way" of handling these Muslim" immigrants ".
You’re constantly condemning the U.S. of going uninvited into countries and interfering. This sounds like you supporting interfering with Greece SOVEREIGNTY and determining their internal policy that you don’t like.
I can’t imagine your comments if the U.S. would say this.

Where did you learn how to tap dance around responding to comments. Our wall is coming along just fine .Unfortunately we don’t have the luxury in some ways of being an island nation .
I hope Greece makes the wall higher or makes it look the the old iron curtain with guard towers etc.

Don’t encourage him, he might yell at you to get off his lawn! :rofl:

This is our turf !!! He can yell all he wants.He could be upset because there isn’t anymore British Colonialism.