Greece Erects Massive Concrete Blocks To Halt Illegal Wave From Turkey

I don’t get it. 5 feet? What is that going to accomplish? :thinking:

What I think is really interesting?

The EU is wrong, Bernie and Biden are wrong.

The concept of globalism is proving to be wrong.

Yet, there are those who still cling to the concept.

Good for Greece thumbing their nose at the EU. They have people to protect and protecting their citizens should be their priority.

Let these Turks go back to whence they came. If they don’t like how they live let them suck it up or be man enough to change it.

The EU and the globalists are going to be decimated and rightly so. I hope they are buried into oblivion and exposed to be the useless, clueless fools that they are.


The socialist/communists from the previous loser administration of Greece is planning a major protest on March 21 for Open Borders, of all things, in the mist of a coronavirus lockdown, from the now center right government, not allowing people to gather in masses. The previous commie administration was taking money and lining their pockets hand over fist from Soros run NGOs. They are insane atheist traitors. They also complained that churches should close because of the contagion of the virus from the congragations yet they will lock arms to protest to bring in the Turkish invaders. The schizophrenic, communist, globalists have lost their marbles. The Kalergi plan is a satanic plan.

From little acorns great oaks do grow? I don’t know why @beadencup49 keeps getting his knickers in a twist with me because I’m on your side; I only slag off your administration agencies. same as I slag off my own. I’m pleased your wall is coming along just fine - if it had been started when The Donald was inaugurated it’d be finished by now.

Razor wire is a pretty serious deterrent especially when you have lots of guys with guns on your side to enforce it.

Unfortunately we elect presidents not dictators. Our constitution makes lots of things complicated.s

We’re civilized and don’t need dictators, but many uncivilized countries do - and looks what happens to their countries when we poke into things we don’t understand and kill their dictator? That’s a rhetorical question so for fuck sake don’t answer it please!! I don’t want to get involved with you again, but I have this uncontrollable urge to correct all your idiotic posts.

You’ve never been able to “correct” me on any point.

You remain an arrogant clueless boob.

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Yes I have but you’re too dumb and deluded to realise it.

I only disagree with you on certain areas.If Congress would’ve approved the money from the beginning, the wall would be further along.

Exactement! And it’d be a boring ol’ world if we all agreed with one another on everything? lol

This will leave a mark!

Migrant masses find a week spot in the border fence they are trying to storm but are forced to retreat as a modified Greek Leopard-1A5 TANK appears with reinforcements & start dousing them with high-pressure water jets. #GreeceUnderAttack

They should add 50 more feet yo the wall.