Gov. Kate Brown encourages Oregonians to call police on neighbors who violate COVID-19 orders

PORTLAND, Ore. — Days before Thanksgiving, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said she believes residents who know their neighbors are violating the most recent round of COVID-19 protocols, which includes capping the number of people allowed in your home at six, should call the police.

“This is no different than what happens if there’s a party down the street and it’s keeping everyone awake,” Brown said in an interview Friday. “What do neighbors do [in that case]? They call law enforcement because it’s too noisy. This is just like that. It’s like a violation of a noise ordinance.”

The restrictions, known as a freeze, were implemented this week via an executive order by the governor. For the next two weeks in Oregon, and four weeks in Multnomah County, residents are banned from eating out at restaurants and going to the gym, among other restrictions. Social gatherings in our homes are also limited to no more than six people. Violators could face up to 30 days in jail, $1,250 in fines or both.

Critics of the freeze have called it unconstitutional. Clackamas County Chair-elect Tootie Smith said on FOX News the freeze made Oregonians “second-rate slaves” in their own homes.

On Friday, the Marion County Sheriff’s office said in a statement, “We recognize that we cannot arrest or enforce our way out of the pandemic, and we believe both are counterproductive to public health goals."

“Look, all of this is irresponsible,” Brown said in response to those criticisms. “These are politicians seeking headlines, not public servants, trying to save lives. My top priority as governor is to keep Oregonians healthy and safe. That’s where I’m focused.”

The governor said Friday she’s promoting an “education-first” model, and she hopes enforcement won’t be needed. But she is employing the option in Oregon.

“This is about saving lives and it’s about protecting our fellow Oregonians,” she said. “We have too many sporadic cases in Oregon. We can’t trace these cases to a particular source. We have to limit gatherings and social interactions.”

In its daily COVID-19 briefing Friday, the Oregon Health Authority reported a record-high 1,306 new cases of the virus statewide.

I thought they wanted to defund the police?

Oregon is like the twilight zone. They just decriminalized all hard drugs…so you can’t call the cops if someone is smoking meth in front of your house but you should call the cops if your neighbor has their grandmother over for Thanksgiving.

Gov Brown is doing all that she can to stop the spread and I applaud her efforts. If you see something, say something. We can’t afford to have this deadly pandemic tearing through our communities because Republicans don’t want to follow the law.

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These COVID deniers believe that they have the freedom to put other people at risk. They don’t and they should be prosecuted for doing so. States like New York, California, and Oregon are leading the way to stop the spread.

At least you are open about enacting communism:

  • Call the police on your neighbors
  • Put people you disagree with on lists
  • With us or against us mentality
  • Blatant media censorship

Wanting to stop the spread of the virus has nothing to do with communism. It’s science. Try to keep up.

If you fuckers were serious about “stopping the spread” then your party commissars wouldn’t so frequently and flagrantly be breaking their own rules. Nancy Pelosi can get her hair done without wearing a mask, but salons can’t open. Gavin Newsom can lecture us all about climate change and wearing masks at all times and limiting our gatherings with family and friends, but has no problem getting in a helicopter to celebrate a friend’s birthday in Napa with a large group of people, not socially distancing or wearing masks. Cuomo can tell everyone that he’s coming for them on Thanksgiving but his own party elites in his own state will violate his orders. Spare me the hypocrisy.


We all want to stop the spread; what is so totalitarian is the idea of turning neighbors into STASI informants. Getting your neighbor arrested will no more slow the spread of covid than six years bonging your way through some soft major will make you an educated adult.

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It’s my opinion that if you don’t feel safe, stay home. Super easy. I will continue to go to work.

Cloth masks do nothing except trap moisture, which turns to mold which you then inhale and then you get sick. #Covid. Also, here’s an oldie but a goodie: Elon Musk: Four Covid Tests I’ll absolutely risk 99% survivability to ensure I can put food on the table. But hey, that’s just what I’m doin’.

Yeah - and you don’t make the rules. If you don’t want to wear the mask then you should expect to face the consequences…which includes losing your job and any freedoms that we allow you to have.

what freedoms are those exactly?

The freedom to live quietly, go to work, and pay your taxes. Anything beyond that will have consequences.

Oh do tell! What consequences will I be facing? I have my note pad out.

You know damn well what the consequences are. We are making our lists and we control literally everything. The difference between us and the rest of you is we will take to the streets, we will make ourselves known, and we will fight.

Y’all won’t do shit.

Yo queer - go look at some tits and fingerbang that stinky snatch. The adults are talking.

Of course I don’t know, I’m not a mind reader. I’m sure it’ll involve some level of city burning and flagrant racism, a healthy sprinkling of general ACAB logic while simultaneously calling for the police when you get fucked up. But if you could provide specifics, that would be great sir/madam.

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It’s called direct action. Black Bloc runs the streets now and we have the power to swing elections because the rest of this country just wants us to stop.

We won’t stop now because we have the momentum. Trump is done. We have our puppet installed. The elite are terrified of us. They are pandering to us…making commercials and TV shows that cater to our causes, which we don’t fucking watch anyway.

That leaves y’all in a bad spot. Try to stop us and we take you down. Try to organize and get the boots.

Hey, beef tits.

Biden’s cabinet list so far is a “who’s who” of establishment shills, washed up deep state spooks, defense contractor lobbyists, and over-the-top neoliberal activists.

Some puppet. Queer.

Ahhhh, I see. I can see what you’re doing, or attempting to do. Not very well unfortunately. This is elementary level trolling. I hope you have a wonderful day but, ya gotta work on your delivery.