Global Ramifications of the New Zealand Mosque Shootings

I am starting this thread because the original thread on the New Zealand mosque shootings has been completely derailed by people, including the OP, posting shitty YouTube videos.

Let’s not let the ■■■■■■■■ of that OP derail a good and wholesome discussion about the ramifications of the New Zealand mosque shootings, locally and globally.

Continuing the discussion from The Religion of Peace is Attacked in New Zealand:


So you starting off attacking very poster/OP of that other thread here after Kelly closed it?

I also noticed you’re new here.

A dozen Catholic churches have been desecrated across France over the period of one week in an egregious case of anti-Christian vandalism.

The only ramifications that are happening come from a result of media blitzing.

The media is a joke, they should be a ashamed of themselves as “journalist” they are not journalists they are propaganda and advertising machines.

Look at the attention they are giving the Christchurch mosque shooting?
yet 32 christians died in Nigeria from islamic extremist and not one story picked it

When an islamic extremist shot up Charlie Hebdo, it received some attention but then died off
other attacks by them is just that" attacks"

When a white guy shoots up a school, its world news, yet the number one reason for homicide in Chicago for black men is other black men, yet this story is only a state level story not a national story

And just last week, Gambino boss Frank Cali got whacked, the first shooting of a New York la cosa nostra boss since Castellano in the mid 80’s that brought John Gotti to fame.

Frank Cali’s death made the front pages but its now a story because his killer apparently a civilian is a Donald Trump Supporter so guess who will be getting more negative attention because some whack job Trump supporter decided to kill a mafia boss

Lord knows if he was a Hillary Supporter or an AOC supporter this story would be between what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast to who wore what at the Oscars.

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They must be the Hells Cucks biker gang


“I won’t let the ■■■ hurt you anymore”

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Most of what we call the “media” today are nothing but leftwing propagandists masquerading as journalists.

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What the hell is that supposed to be?

New Zealand is going to force the Muslim “Call to Prayer” to be broadcasted nationally on Friday as a sign of solidarity to show how cucked their country is.

Feminism won’t stop until Sharia Law is adopted “For solidarity” and all these whores are covered in burkas.


Why doesn’t she just pass a law forcibly converting everyone except herself…in order to show the depth of her sympathy at someone else’s expense…like anyone anywhere is better off because of these histrionic grief contests and pageants.

Well, so much for NZ, they let one nut case from Australia, change their lives forever… and don’t forget that Hillary and Podesta visited there in the last twelve months… Very suspicious.


Tat biker vs assault rifle . :crazy_face:

The NZ prime minister is an idiot, a typical politician with their Knee Jerk reaction only to cause more problems down the road, you would have thought she learned a valuable lessons from her Aussie neighbours about banning certain weapons

Cant she see it wasnt a local that did the shooting it was an Aussie , a deranged man to boot

They should ban Australians and leave the guns alone.

Obviously Australians cannot be trusted in a nation with guns!


A Dope Ring: any group of left Wing politicians standing in a circle.

Lets not forget that Fox is the most viewed news outlet.

Congratulations, you get the ridiculous racist award!

[Edit was accidental double quote]

I keep hearing, ‘ChristChurch might make muslims angry and retaliate’

What are they going to do? Gang rape your daughter while calling her a white whore?

Spit in a child’s face and say whites shouldn’t breed?

Kill Christians all over the world?

Bomb Churches?

Behead soldiers or priests in our own countries?

Bomb public transport?

Slit peoples throats while out having dinner?

Nail bomb children at a concert?

Mass molest and rape your women?

Mow people down in trucks and cars?

Slaughter people at concert?

Cause terror and chaos all over a continent?

And this is all done while they weren’t angry?


What the hell is this idiot doing in New Zealand? Killary was there and so was Podesta. Now this skinny Muslim bastard decides to fly down there at our expense to be with his people. Too bad he wasn’t flying on a Boeing 737 MAX.