Glitch in the matrix

Is our world a simulation? I think it is.

But why is this info suppressed?

Hmmm… that is definitely interesting.

Apologies to Didgevilliage for taking this off topic… but I somehow think it belongs in a “glitch” thread.

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Some of the happenings in the videos may be sheer coincidences, like people dressed the same way sit next to each other.

But some events are totally nuts. Traffic accidents with cars which appear literally out of nowhere. Or people appear out of nowhere in front of a vehicle. I saw such a video from China where the driver thought he ran over such a person, stopped and looked under his truck, looking for the victim, but no body found.

Politics as usual. They are bandits.

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A simulation to what though?

Simulation to something real.
In other words, this world is fake — like a photo vs a real person (flower, you name it).

Some years ago I read an article about German scientists who figured specific patterns which indicate this world is really just a model made up of lego pieces (for something real), so to speak. (Not the exact quote)

I don’t exactly recall but they said something like there is a specific pattern to everything indicating somebody is playing with a toy model. (My own words)

I will look for the article.

Very expensive article, if anybody is interested.

Yes I will read it with great careful thought. To be honest I have heard people talk about Life being a simulation but I have not read anything about it or have given it serious thought to know exactly why.

I’m not familiar with this lady Jean-Claude is interviewing.
I think she is in Victoria, Australia.

The reality is simulated.
Very New-Agey stuff, and I like it.

I don’t play video games but if you do, you may understand better what the guy is talking about.

Is our reality somebody else’s simulation (game)?

Alex Jones goes into something that is pretty interesting many years ago.