Gillibrand Calls for Gun Confiscation, It's What They All Want

To hell with Kirsten Gillibrand and all who think guns are the problem!

These people are just as demented as the mass shooters…and most of the ones calling for gun confiscation have armed bodyguards.

The only benefit to their threatening rhetoric is corresponding spikes in gun and ammunition sales.

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This won’t play well in a state like Tennessee where I live. Carrying a gun is a way of life here.


One might think that our legislators would realize by now that criminals do not obey laws.

Any law they establish regarding legality of ownership, possession or use of weapons will be totally ignored by criminals…and crazy people.

We need to focus on the criminals and crazy people.

I don’t believe it will “play well” in most of the country, even California and New York.

It will play well only in the liberal enclaves…where brainwashing has prevailed for decades, producing a population replete with useful idiots.

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Actually, did you read the story? Because the thread title gives the impression that all firearms would be confiscated in KG’s plan, and seemingly struck you so. Under her plan, your fellow Tennesseans could still carry a gun. Gotta watch fake news…

It’s not what they all want. That’s ridiculous. Some do, yes. There has to be better control
of gun ownership and who they are sold to. You don’t have to worry about it because nothing will change much with that Trump guy in the White House. If what changes saves one life, it is worth it.

It’s fascinating that well educated, historically competent people on the other side of the world with the murderous boot of communism hanging over their head “get it” –

And the historically ignorant socialist (marxist democrat party) in our country “don’t get it”.


She says nothing about straw purchasers and "entrepreneurs " selling guns from the car trunk.

For cripes sake they can’t even get the guns out of the hands of criminals. Why don’t they start there and show us how capable they are of reducing crime in that element?

But, in the interests of looking like they are competent it seems like a good idea to crack down on people who own guns and follow the law.

Who are these people and who screwed their head on the wrong way?

The hypocrisy is strong with this one!

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It’s the easy way out for them to go after legal gun owners than criminals , it gives them good press coverage and the Illusion they are actually doing something.

Actually if AW’s were criminalized and gun manufacturers were no longer able to make them or parts for them they would eventually disappear altogether, every time someone commits a crime with one or is found with one in their possession by law enforcement, it would be confiscated. Eventually you get them, they wear out, break down, ammo for them is discontinued, it’s very doable.

I was stationed at Fort Drum in 2008. There is no way Gillibrand could have gotten away with going after the NRA or gun rights back then. Upstate New York would have found a way to throw her ass out on the street. I know a bunch of guys who retired in the Fort Drum area and everyone is convinced that all the gun grabbing leftists rigged the elections. Outside of the city the majority of the state is very country. I think that Gillibrand feels safe now because she knows she can keep getting elections rigged in her favor in New York.

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Ahh Fort Drum. The 10th Mountain division! I worked with their Public Affairs unit when I was contractor in Iraq!

“Climb to Glory sir!”
“All the Way to the Top!”

Yeah have to agree with your assessment on Gillibrand, because I just can’t fathom that her constituency is that stupid to keep electing her. She pretty much defines the word pandering, with cringe worthy virtue signaling to boot!


It’s not just upstate. There are still a lot of very conservative pockets here in NYC and no one I know understands how these far left extremists keep getting elected. I know the rest of the state thinks that New York City swings the vote, but there just is no way. There are so many very large and conservative Christian communities throughout New York City that even the left wing soy guzzling transplants couldn’t sway the vote. The same goes for New Jersey.

Give them five years without opposition and we’d be down to single shot ML’s and maybe cap and ball revolvers if even that.

We helped develop their training programs and trained their original cadre.

Tough bunch.

One of the worst places on earth for winter training. Absolutely miserable winters.

Straw purchases are already illegal under both state and federal law.

Rarely though are straw purchases prosecuted except as an additional charge though.

I read that article and Gillibrand is a fool, she wants to look tough on crime
she doesnt realize that she is punishing law abiding citizens, not criminals,

Criminals right now are laughing and hoping people like her get in , because they know if America passes such laws that they will be laughing all the way to the bank as they will be owning the banks, because no one will be able to stop them

Just look at Australia and the UK as example of buy back programs and how many Brits and Aussie are telling us Americans " dont do it, fight for your right to keep your guns"

They are seeing first hand what these “gun control laws and buy backs” did to their countries

I want Gillibrand to spend a week in North London near some of the ghettos without protection and lets see what she thinks