Germany Steps Up Border Checks to Discourage Economic Migrants From Leaving

Germany is to carry out more random border checks to discourage migrants from moving illegally around the European Union (EU).

The move will see more police officers sent to border zones in an attempt to crack down on “secondary migration” – the illegal movement of non-EU migrants between EU member states – according to a Sunday tweet from the Interior Ministry.

The latest move to secure the country’s borders has raised fears that the Schengen area – a free movement zone that includes most EU states – is being eroded, and marks the latest stage in a tightening immigration policy that has seen Germany quietly closing the door on asylum applications and ramping up deportations.

“Security begins at the border,” said Horst Seehofer, minister of the interior and member of the center-right Christian Social Union (CSU) party.

“Alongside the new border control arrangements on the border with Austria, I have instructed officers to step up random police checks on all other German borders.”

Center-left Green party lawmaker Irene Mihalic criticized the new deployment.

“The expanded, permanent internal border controls are a dangerous anti-European signal, which bring the federal police to the limits of their capacity and take them beyond it,” said Mihalic, according to CNN affiliate N-TV.

Eva Hoegl, a lawmaker for the center-left Social Democratic Party, agreed that Germany should secure its borders and prevent illegal entries but criticized Seehofer’s approach.

"Europe’s open borders are an asset and an accomplishment, " she said, according to N-TV.

“It would have been better not to have decided on any sort of border controls unilaterally, but to coordinate with the other European partners and German federal states to find a common approach.”

Last week Seehofer also extended border controls at the frontier with Austria for a further six months, citing continued high numbers of unauthorized entries.

Although the ministry said that these numbers have been falling for years, 6,800 unauthorized entries have been detected at the border with Austria from January 1 to September 25, 2019, according to a statement.

There have been 26,500 unauthorized entries detected at all national borders, according to an interior ministry statement.

Germany has land borders that span more than 2,300 miles, more than 500 miles of which separate the country from Austria.

“Border-free travel is one of the greatest accomplishments of the European Union, and a return to a Schengen area without border controls at the internal borders remains our declared goal, but the conditions are not yet in place,” said Seehofer in the statement.

Germany and Austria are not the only EU countries that have suspended the Schengen agreement.

Sweden, Denmark and France also started checking documents of people attempting to enter at some border posts, following the arrival of more than a million refugees to Europe in 2015, according to estimates from aid agencies.

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Yes, if you are an open borders globalist who wants to destroy all of Europe.

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This can’t be allowed! How dare a country try to enforce its borders! :clown_face:

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Free market capitalism could save the West.

Assuming immigration was tightly restricted to a limited number of high I.Q. skilled immigrants willing to assimilate with western values.

Otherwise, we’ll be voted into mob rule democracy where the non-resourceful vote the resources away from the resourceful.

They are only doing this because Austria is getting flooded with migrants Germany agreed to take in :rofl:

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They wouldn’t have to be dealing with this in the first place if they just left things the way they were. Germany didn’t need to take in millions of low-IQ third world welfare leeches and trying to get rid of them, peacefully, is going to be incredibly difficult at this point. I applaud any effort that they may make but they shouldn’t have gone down this road in the first place.

So now they want to start deporting people after they let millions in? They should be forced to keep them and pay for them for as long as they live due to the damage they caused throughout all of Europe. Germany has been a magnet for these lowlifes since 2015 when Merkel put no limit on third world migration into Germany.

This is one of the reasons why the US is the leader in free travel and free enterprise. It is a free country which does not chill free enterprise from conducting business. Border controls do nothing but stifle the flow of commerce. Germany has stabbed it`s self with wholesale migration. Trillions of Euros now being spent to improve people with little education and who will depend on a government hand out for the rest of their lives. Sorry Merkel, the Noble Prize was given to a real peace advocate!

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Western nations policies in the ME and Africa are causing the ‘problem’…

And btw, it’s poor/developing nations that are bearing the brunt of the record global refugee crisis.

Your post indicates that economic migrants have some sort of right to come to the West. They don’t. There have always been wealthy people, poor people, and those in between. That’s never going to change. We aren’t required to carry the poor and hand them things they didn’t deserve. They need to work on themselves and they need to work on making their own countries successful. We don’t need them nor do we want them.

I’m saying that western policies in the ME and Africa are creating financial burdens on poor and developing countries, and the violence is driving people away from them. Also, note that it’s other poor and developing countries that are bearing the worst of the migrant burden though it’s internet warriors screaming the loudest from the comfort and safety of their western homes.

From Berlin Wall to Berlin Welfare, huh?

That’s the point that everyone misses. If these people are supposed to be adding such tremendous value to places like Europe and the United States, why didn’t they add any value to their own countries?

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The “value” they add is a PC sense of “diversity”, or rather not having the culture that is odious to the PC for being Christian, European and relatively successful.

At least it’s a step in the right direction. They should be sent to other EU countries in eqal numbers so no one complains they are getting more than another country.
Put them in boxcars and drop them at Russia’s border. Siberia cou lo d use them!!!

Beadencup, it’s other poor and developing countries that are paying the highest cost and receiving the greatest numbers of refugees, who can afford it the least, and yet they suffer in silence while the wealthy western countries, the ones who’s policies in the ME and Africa, have CAUSED the record global refugee crisis to begin with, that are complaining the loudest…

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Germany should be treated as a hostile threat to all of the countries of Europe.

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Sweden and Germany would complain if they’re getting fewer than other countries. :smile:

There has been, and probably still is, such a tsunami into Europe there is no way they could all be assessed for IQ levels, or any skills some of them might have. Or not have?

The EU: because all the other times Europe’s great powers just sent in an army rather than asking nicely.