Germany Steps Up Border Checks to Discourage Economic Migrants From Leaving

Germany isn’t a hostile threat. The EU and others still attempt to keep the Nazi guilt trip on them. Hausfrau Merkels immigration policy has backfired on the country and doesn’t have the courage to tell the EU to get lost.
Although its a pipe dream, the AFD will assume the leadership.
Deutscheland Uber Alles!!!

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An issue I’ve noted about having a general reply button in combination with responses to you immediately thereafter (which often don’t seem to be noted as responses) is that you don’t necessarily know where the comment was aimed: to that post or to the thread as a whole.

So, having put that out there, I didn’t specify Germany as the only Great Power. France qualifies too because they invaded a LOT of Europe as well (other than invading France, before the world wars Europe seems to be one of the few places Britain didn’t systematically invade, but still count them too as one of these great powers because even if they were among the few to never invade Poland … they probably THOUGHT about it at some point).

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The like is for what you wrote in the first para.

Odd that that’s what you define as great. Kind of like killing one person is murder and killing one hundred thousand is foreign policy…

odd that you don’t see the intended humor and mocking in “the eu, because this time the great powers asked nicely rather than send in an army.”


Germany doesn’t have any boody borders to check does it? Schenghen?