Germany prepared to take in 25% of migrants who arrive in Italy by sea

This is completely insane.

Germany is prepared to take in 25% of migrants who arrive in Italy by boat, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told Germany newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung on Friday.

In an apparent goodwill gesture ahead of European Union talks on immigration later this month, Seehofer said: “If all that has been agreed stands, we would be able to take in 25% of people rescued at sea and who end up in Italy.”

“This will not overwhelm our migration policy.”

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This is treasonous in the extreme. They are trying to deliberately destroy white Germany. People cannot tolerate this much longer.

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Seems like the modus of progressives. Whether consciously or unconsciously work diligently to affect the space around them with values they little understand and then one day, they wake up and look around saying “This isn’t a very pleasant environment that I have worked to create” and rather than admit their errors and try to reverse the damage of their failed ideologically driven value system, they just uproot and move to a place not damaged by their presences. Once there, the do the exact same things again. This of course plays into the communist / globallist need to continually expand its authoritarian structure all over the world. Progressives are lemmings…

It’s too late for these cucks to come to their senses. They should have started kicking these third worlders out as soon as those thots with refugees welcome signs started lining the street. They did the opposite.

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It is shameful what Merkel has done to the Germany. What history will say for her depends on whether the German people are still relative in the future. Sadly like the dinosaurs ,I don’t see a good out come…I can only hope they do survive and prosper and show Merkel for who she is!

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Kebabs must be removed. I think Iraq has an ‘open border policy’ due to ISIS, under which Merkel would be granted asylum. She would make a lovely jihadi bride in the caliphate.

Not if your intention is to genocide your greatest enemy.

Where are the conservative Germans? They should be out there protesting and trying to do something about this. The greatest economy in Europe right now, spending all their citizen’s money on Islamic immigrants, the hell with the real Germans. Cross all future travel plans to Germanistan off the list. Stop doing business with Germanistan businesses.

My goodness, why would any country want these people in so badly? They make everything so easy for them and go out of their way to have literal welfare parasites paraded in and welcomed with open arms by the government!

The left wants to destroy western culture, and that’s how you do it, with non-Western people. The host country will collapse under the strain.

There is no question in my mind anymore. This is happening everywhere. It’s war.

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This is what illegitimate government looks like. Treason has a universal reward for a reason.

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This shouldn’t really be shocking at this point.

When the people don’t want what the Left wants, the Left does it anyway.

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Do wealthy and predominately Muslim countries in the Middle East have a moral obligation to temporarily help their fellow Islamic brothers and sisters? Or, is it just Western countries that need to carry this burden?

Nope. These filthy migrants have been open about why they are going to Germany and the Germans refuse to listen to what these animals have to say in their own words.

Why the mass killings haven’t started already puzzles me.

The demoRATS and their open border pledge would be far worst ! Billions flooding the USA .

Give Germany another 5 to 10 yrs at most and you will see a massive rise in fascism and a return to the Germany of the 20’s…its a natural progression.

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That’s right. Mother Merkel has told them that her precious refugees can do no wrong. How can a machete wielding rapefugee possibly pose harm to anyone? It’s just not possible!

Germany is finished.

I doubt it. If such a movement even started to form everyone would be labeled “racist” by the government and thrown in jail. That’s what happens when speech isn’t protected.

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Why would Muslims (jihadis) emigrate (jihad) to already Muslim countries?

The AFD has openly opposed Muslim emigration or taking in Muslim "refugees " as Islam being incompatible with German values.
HausFrau Merkel and her partners ( SPD) have condemned the AFD as a Nazi type partei with cooperation from the media.The AFD has far less support in western Germany than in the east.
The Globalist EU refuses to seat the AFD.
Hopefully,Deutscheland will wake up to the reality of these Muslims and again become a REAL political power in Europe .