Germany...Bowing to Islam



I understand that, TWR. We are speaking of teen marriage and pedophelia which if illegal in a country should not be practiced. They chose to migrate to a country and should respect and obey the laws regardless of their cultural traditions and norms.


There wasn’t anything wrong with it, but my response was in context to the post that you were responding to when you said it. The fact is, the age of consent in many States is much younger than you would like it to be, and not that far off from the example in the OP. Before we cast stones at others, we should mind our own home.


Teen marriage and pedophilia are two very different issues. Just because the laws of a country allow men to marry young teen girls, does not make them a pedophile when they visit our country.


No, this about marriage, not pedophilia. Two very distinctly different subjects.


I beg to differ.

If the laws of a country do not allow marriage below the age of say 18 then that is the law and it should be respected.

If a man 30 years plus, takes a teen or pre-teen for a “wife” then in my opinion they are a pedophile.


Because a 30 plus year old man marrying and having sex with 13 year old child would not be considered pedophilia?


So are you suggesting that if they come from a country that allows marriage below the age of 18 (as does our country) that when they visit a country that does not allow marriage at that age, their marriage is not only null and void, but the older man should be arrested for pedophilia?


What I am suggesting, Samm is that the laws of the country trump culture.


I don’t think I agree with that in practice.


How so and give an example, please.


Marijuana and the cultures that support it.
The 1st amendment and religion

Jury nullification


I think they attempt to and fail.


Let me rephrase: the laws of the country if an immigrant or do you disrespect the laws of the country that has welcomed you.


Good point. The question is why.


In a lot of cases I believe they should.


Do you violate your culture (core beliefs) to do so?


That does not answer my questions. The question involves legal visitors to the country, not immigrants, although the same could apply to legal immigrants who were married in their country under their law. The question is more akin to when many States had laws banning mixed marriage or as it is now, banning same sex marriage. Some States allow it and some do not, but all States honor those marriages when people visit regardless of their law.


No it would be considered a marriage and not so very long ago it was the norm rather than the exception.


If the country accepts you and your spouse as immigrants they are obligated to honor the marriage.

If a country flat wants to deny you entry because your spouse is too young and their constitution/laws allow for same it’s up to the prospective immigrant to decide if they want to move there.


Our country was founded on the principle that our core beliefs and religious practices are specifically protected.