George Zimmerman sues Trayvon Martin’s family for $100 million

The WOW factor is coming back en-vogue with this latest breaking news and is sure to stir a lot of debate again regarding the Trayvon Martin shooting as this latest 100 million dollar lawsuit by George Zimmerman is sure to do. The defendants are not only the Family of Trayvon Martin, but his Attorney, the State Police, and the State Prosecutors who prosecuted the case.

MSM was quick to put out this in order to discredit Zimmerman’s Attorney and the putting forth narratives of victimization again.

George Zimmerman, who was acquitted on all charges after killing Trayvon Martin in self-defense, is suing Martin’s family and others for $100 million alleging that fake evidence was manufactured for the trial.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in the Polk County Circuit Court. Zimmerman is seeking damages for defamation, conspiracy, and abuse of civil process. He believes that Rachel Jeantel, who served as a key witness for the prosecution in the case against him, was coached by Martin’s family and prosecuting attorneys.

Sybrina Fulton, Martin’s mother, is listed as the lead defendant in the civil suit. She has pushed for far-left social justice causes in the wake of her son’s death. She is currently running for the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners, hoping to gain a county commission seat next year.

Link to the deeper dive as why George Zimmerman is suing.

In lieu of cash, Mr. Zimmerman is willing to accept payment in grape drank.

They always ignore the fact that the man went to trial and was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of his peers. Even though there were basically images of Trayvon Martin depicted as a child-like angel straight from the heavens who was just living a care free life enjoying his skittles and iced tea. Obama even said if he had a son he would look like Trayvon. The were trying to tamper with wht jury and it didn’t work! Pay Up!

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What a devious white Hispanic he is.

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I hope he wins! If what Zimmerman’s attorney says is true then more will be coming out about the shady shit the prosecution did. The state AG was already caught red handed trying to skew evidence and public perception so much so that she had to resign. I suspect if they were smart they will settle the case. This was the same crap with Sheryln Moseby in Baltimore which involved the 6 cops being exonerated due to her gross misrepresentation of the facts in the Gray case which she should have been disbarred for!


Zimmerman seems like a good guy just defending himself, I think he was really shafted by the legal system, media and Obama apparatchiks. If the lawyer knowingly put up a false witness, the lawyer should be disbarred.


And the shameless media using the same old trick of showing a picture of a 14 year old Trayvon instead of the big and strong 18 year old he was at the time of his demise.

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Oh yeah, banned from twitter for posting nudity and his girlfriends name and phone number. But not before tweeting a picture of Trayvon dead with “Z-man a one man army” and “We all know how it ended for the last moron who hit me. Give it a whirl, cupcake.”

He’s been arrested at least four times, once for aggravated battery against a cop, we all know how that pisses off the right, and twice since he killed Martín and he’s been shot once in an altercation with another motorist. YEAH, a real good guy.

Btw, what’s Martin’s rap sheet?

Zimmerman’s life got absolutely destroyed after the media and Obama administration tried to use the case to ignite a race war. What he did after the case has nothing to do with being acquitted of all charges the State of Florida tried to foolishly pin on him when he defended himself against Trayvon Martin, a violent thug.


The filthy criminals rap sheet extends from long before his killing of Martin to well after. You don’t care that he attacked a cop? How’s that, any other time you guys would call him all sorts of vile names. I guess offing a black guy evened the field for the red hat racists.

How is Martin a thug? Where’s his rap sheet, hmmm?

Now you are just lying. If that were true then Zimmerman would have never been allowed to own a gun in the state of Florida. At the very least he would have been found guilty of state weapons charges.

The fact is Zimmerman had a concealed weapons permit and was lawfully authorized to carry and use force in the state of Florida.

Get your facts right.


Isn’t is priceless to see you here virtue signal for a known thug who deserved what he got! If you virtue signal any louder you’d be barking out your ass!

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Zimmerman says he was arrested for assault on a police officer and resisting arrest with violence but says the charges were ultimately dropped.

Here is where your ignorance is on full display! Can you be any more dumber here?

Trayvon Martin was still considered a juvenile at the time of his death. If he had any kind of priors as a juvenile the State of Florida prohibits such records to be made public!

Dam! Do your research for not doing so only makes you more of a dumb bastard then you already are!

At least 15 states —Alaska, Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Montana, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia—have laws that automatically seal or expunge juvenile records


The police and the prosecutor dropped those charges because apparently there was nothing to it. What that biased article didn’t provide was the context. Why did Zimmerman get into a physical altercation with someone? We don’t know the reasons why but prosecutors and police do and they didn’t believe what they had was sufficient enough to deprive someone of life and liberty. George Zimmerman also admitted to this happening and didn’t try to hide it or cover it up in any way. It also didn’t deprive him of obtaining a concealed carry permit in the state of Florida.

I know you like doing the media’s job for them by spinning facts into some far-left fantasy narrative, but that has no effect in this place. You are the only one who believes this stuff or you are paid to spin.

So he was arrested for aggravated battery on a cop. Thanks for the acknowledgment after calling me a liar…

You forgot to use the word “allegedly”

We don’t know the facts surrounding the altercation. We only know that something happened between Zimmerman and an undercover cop and nothing came of it. End of story.

Zimmerman acknowledged being arrested for the assault. You called me a liar, I proved you wrong, you now acknowledge that the arrest did occur, so leave it alone instead of digging your hole deeper.

Being arrested for something doesn’t mean you are guilty of anything. The police do what they think is right at the time and then things get sorted out at the police station. Lots of arrests happen every single day that go nowhere.

What’s your point?