George Wallace face the nation 1968. Astounding

You obviously can’t read. I gave examples and links. Stop trolling

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had the ability to go back in time with the knowledge we know now? What would you change if you could?

I think I would try to flush out the CIA through the New York Times and Washington Post. I would fk with them all the time and keep them guessing. That is the creative side of me. Lol!

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You have offered a direct answer to none of my questions (starting with the one about just which “local municipalities” actually “enforce” racial segregation).

But since you regard me–your own words–as a “troll”; and since I regard you the very same way (as I have also stated); perhaps it would be best if we were to have no further interaction.

For once, at least, can we agree on something?

Ok old man… I have links

Since Jits can do no better than to engage in ad hominem attacks, it is well that I have abandoned him…

Ummm… he answered you. How is it you didn’t see it?

He wasn’t to play games. He has nothing a empty vessel

He did?

Well, let’s start with the matter of just what “local municipalities” enforce racial segregation.

Yes, that sounds like a reasonable place to begin.

Has this already been addressed? (If so, I must have–somehow–missed it.)

But I do hope that Jits will indulge me.

Oh, and while we are at it: He might want to point to the place where this has already been answered (supposedly)…

I guess you didn’t see the link where 2 white guys kicked out or a study all, BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE LOL

Backed by the school

I am trying–very hard, yet!–to figure out just what this might have to do with “local municipalities” enforcing racial segregation…

Well if it happened it was enforced , hellooo mcflyyy

I would appreciate–very much–your citing even one example of “local municipalities” currently enforcing racial segregation.

Oh, and I will ask again:

" Would you wish to see ‘white only’ and ‘colored only’ signs, once again, on water fountains and restrooms?"

They did, it happened there is video of it…

No just busses trains and schools …

The words “they did” and “there is a video of it” provide no answer.

If you wish to assert your point, you need to post that “video.”

Otherwise, your mere ipse dixit is of no value to me.

Oh, and as far as your desiring “colored only” designations for “busses [sic] trains and schools,” I will let that speak for itself. (The US Supreme Court, in 1954–in Brown v. Board of Education–ruled the doctrine of “separate but equal” (established in 1896, in Plessey v. Ferguson) to be illegal–because it was not really equal. (But you appear to have no problem with our establishing inferior institutions for some people, depending only upon the color of their skin.)

First off I live around them had to be schooled with them… you our you kids or family don’t want what’s spreading in these neighborhoods, and communities.

Blacks are very segregationist, as the link provided has the video, Harvard has black only graduations black only dorm rooms,

Why can’t I ask for the same in public transportation especially when blacks are so violent towards whites, Asians?

Those black people who are disruptive ought to be disciplined–severely–but that is no excuse for our returning to a separate but unequal situation. (Yes, that is actually what it was.)

Do you have no real problem with our returning to inequality–in education, and elsewhere?

We are divided… we shouldn’t be divided but only one side doesn’t want to melt in the pot. Not my fault

It is certainly true that some black people–some of them–do not wish to assimilate.

And for my part, I am a huge proponent of assimilation–not “multiculturalism.”

Many, however, do wish to assimilate. (It is principally younger blacks, I think, who prefer multiculturalism.)

It simply does not seem right to deny assimilation to those who do wish to assimilate, because of those who do not.

But allow me, please, to pose the same question that I posed previously:

Would you be perfectly okay with black people being consigned to inferior institutions, in order to preserve racial segregation?

The SCOTUS, in 1954, found that “separate but equal” was really quite separate–but not at all equal.

That is why Plessey v. Ferguson was overruled.

Do you have no real problem with inequality of institutions–just as long as white people are on the better end of this inequality?

I truly hope that you will answer this question.

But I really doubt that you will–not directly, anyway.

It’s clear we need a test to prove assimilation, black, Latin, white… especially Irish. I go to a bar, the Irish immigrant bartender hates America. With a passion…

It’s gotta go against the constitution, I want them to prove they love America and it’s history… my beautiful city of Boston is gone, Chicago, The boroughs of New York, we need to protect American culture

Two questions that I posed–to which I never received an answer:

"Would you be perfectly okay with black people being consigned to inferior institutions, in order to preserve racial segregation?"


Do you have no real problem with inequality of institutions–just as long as white people are on the better end of this inequality?