Gays are now Demanding Kids be Allowed to See Them Nude at Pride Parades

Yup, these are typical homosexuals and they are all degenerate. All homosexuals want to have sex with children. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. This is how we get to open pedophilia.


Gay marriage to this in 4 years. Just pointing this out, sharing videos like this, or drag queen story hour bs, it will resonate with a lot of normies. Who can see this and not be completely disgusted? Sick and twisted on so many levels.

Maybe they can square this circle and have nude tranny story hours at public libraries.

“All we want is tolerance so we can come out of the closet and not be targeted for violence”.

Anyone else remember that BS from the eighties?

I don’t think we can fairly claim they all want to have sex with kids because there’s no data to support it but given a choice as a whole the gays would damned sure start indoctrinating them while they are still in diapers to be believe that homosexuality is normal and perfectly acceptable.

This is peak degeneracy and must be stopped. No one voted for this. No one asked for this.

Yosemite, bless us with your cleansing fire and Purge this land of evil so that the children may be saved once again.



That’s right! “We just want equal rights” was all a bunch of lies.

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Most normies will say “what’s this world coming to?”, crack open another Bud Lite, and turn on Netflix.

Apathy to the (((social changes))) destroying our civilization is how we got here.

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The video won’t load for me…So IDK how to speak to it.

I think there are gays who are repulsed by having sex with children. Purely anecdotal, but I do know a few who have been together for more than 20 years. I hate people like that being broad brushed with the freaks who want to indoctrinate children.

There’s a difference between the indoctrination of children to accept homosexuality as perfectly normal and acceptable and those who are grooming kids and preying on them for pleasure.

There may be quite a bit of crossover between them but they are two very distinct groups. I seriously doubt most gays are interested in raping children or in any way using them sexually, there’s just no evidence of it being widespread but there’s certainly a broad spread among them trying to convince the world it’s natural and normal and that starts with the indoctrination of kids.

The mental leap you have to make to be able to say that gay pride parades with open nudity and sexual behavior has nothing to do with sex, it’s just about not being ashamed, and actually mean it. We have reached a point where not letting ■■■■■■■ fuck in public is oppression. This is what “gay rights” means? It’s a lie. Everyone knows it. Nobody is allowed to say it. This isn’t on some farm somewhere, it’s a crowded street in a city where people live, and work, and shop. It’s disgusting. If you want to have a serious discussion about consent and rape culture, let’s start right there, where that naked ■■■■■■ is fucking on a public street and nobody is allowed to say one word.


What ever happened to indecent exposure laws? Why not just start there? Citizens have to demand that everyone is subject to the law and not be given special privileges to a particular protected class of people! This is where PC has gone awry as anyone is afraid to speak up against this lewd display for fear of being deemed a racist!

Satire always gets to the point, and usually before society…

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Fear of politicians being labeled as “anti gay” for enforcing existing laws.

This kind of crap has been going on in SF since the eighties. It was disgusting then and it’s just as disgusting now. Worse I guess since it seems to get more pervasive year by year and and is spreading like a malignancy world wide.

This ‘give them an inch and they’ll demand a yard’ degeneracy and the frenzy of hedonism are signs we’re entering the final stages of the demise of the West as we know it. Sorry to break it to you like this! :grimacing:

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There is an increasing amount of boldness about pushing their lifestyle on everyone else, that is true. The indoctrination of children that they’ve started pulling is revolting.

We used to go down to Key West for Fantasy Fest. Even before gay marriage was on the books there were a lot of gays in the leather (lots of bondage stuff as well), guys walking around with nothing on but a coconut and people just wearing body paint - no clothes. It was entertaining, but I always shook my head when I saw someone with a child there.


I also seem to recall Rush playing a sound clip of a California city council woman expressing her outrage and disbelief at the suggestion that homosexuals committed sodomy, she was sure it wasn’t about that.

Evil wins because foolish people are easily manipulated into thinking stupid things like that. And it has only got more absurd, as when homosexuals and their allies march for inclusiveness of Islam.

I believe Scripture mentions a “strong delusion”?

No, there isn’t.

Menschviks may be willing to wait a little for their socialism but they’re just as vile as Bolsheviks at their core … and in the West their like have been far more dangerous. Same with these two groups. The group that is less over the top is still over the top and vile and their harvest of death and damnation will ultimately be bigger than the other group’s.

I’m with you on this. And no matter how much I might agree with someone’s point, when they also apply the broadbrush as we’ve seen in this thread, I tend to dismiss the entirety of that person’s contribution to the discussion.

What we’ve done as a society is allowed abnormality to ooze into normalcy, constantly moving the bar of what is acceptable, and making what was abjectly unacceptable closer to the line of acceptability.

Degree by degree. “Tolerance” of one immorality begets consideration for allowing things even more immoral.

And the assault on societal norms comes from all sides, not just one issue or another. So NAMBLA is fighting for footholds, and leveraging what gay marriage has already won, for example. And transgenderism is warring on another front. And how did gay marriage win the day? By leveraging societal normalizing of divorce. “What do you mean, ‘Marriage is sacred’?? You’ve trashed half your ‘sacred’ marriages already!”

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