Gays are now Demanding Kids be Allowed to See Them Nude at Pride Parades

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Another example of the progressing degeneration in our society.

So here is TEEN VOGUE teaching teenage girls that pay-for-sex (aka prostitution) is “real work”.

It’s the same thing Jeffrey Epstein was doing with girls the same age as Teen Vogue’s readership – paying them for sex. And here our media are grooming their young audience to see the value in that.

Equinesexuals? Bovinesexuals?

While I’m making a joke, the simple fact is that nothing innocent can be tolerated by homosexuals, EVERYTHING must be (homo) sexualized and EVERYTHING must be at least open to trans or whatever the heck they call it!

And the more something is or tries for innocence and decency the more vile and depraved homosexuals etc will make it, till even those who think they’re being moderate and very less than radical just cannot imagine that they’re even remotely culturally relevant unless they toss in several homosexual characters or add in the Gay somehow, somewhere.

Well, pansexual would cover those, I guess. Whatever moves you in the moment. Even a flying boy from Neverland.

I don’t believe this represents all gay people. This probably is another group of sick, perverted people looking for their 15 minutes of fame,and the media is only to happy to oblige them.
Most gay people want to live their lives without this type of attention. Yes,there are gays that are middle class that are disgusted by this but are afraid to speak out. Let’s not paint a wide brush over all of them.

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‘No, there isn’t’ what??

They’re called ‘sex workers’ over here (UK): I guess because it sounds more politically correct than ‘prostitutes’ or ‘whores’. And I often wonder how much tax on earnings they pay.

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Are you calling me a liar?

Yes, apparently in his world if you dare speak the truth you are a liar.

From TWR’s post: “There’s a difference between the indoctrination of children to accept homosexuality as perfectly normal and acceptable and those who are grooming kids and preying on them for pleasure.”

The rest of my post was explaining why there isn’t a difference, or at least one that works in favor of the less overtly over the top.

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If you want to know about his world, Google “blacked” and see what lists out (no need to open any of the listings … you can see what they are about by reading the synopsis.)

The VAST MAJORITY of Pedophiles are HETEROSEXUAL ( over 90% ) . Most are family members or trusted friends of the family. Don’t forget about sports team coaches or religious figures and don’t forget about female sexual offenders ( teachers) .
I don’t agree with pre judging any group and some of these posts are PARANOID.

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Let’s talk about it after you’re done feeling triggered.

Continuing to stir the pot I see.

If you want to see something really crazy look up who the creator of Blacked is…


You made the statement, I simply responded.

Do you have a point?

Thanks - I don’t suppose our kids know WTF’s going on these days with the stuff they’re forced to watch. No wonder their undeveloped brains are screwed up so much.

I seem to recall a recent report about a little girl being suspended in the UK for notwanting to parrot some PC drivel. She was quoted as saying that before the trans indoctrination started none of her classmates were concerned about it or confused but now lots of them are.

And confusing kids in hopes of driving them into the arms of the perverts is expressly the goal.

Every adult doing this would be better off going the millstone hanging from the neck route than doing what they’re doing.

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Puberty and self identity have always been tough on kids, all of this PC BS is just making it ever harder on them.

As a matter of intention.

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Smart kid, apparently all of 14…