Freedom of Speech in the US is a Joke Now

I think in the freedom of speech in the US is kind of a joke now. If someone is to say a racial slur or something that isn’t politically correct, they stand to have their entire career, and potentially their life, destroyed.

Why are we as a country tolerating this? If we truly cared about freedom of speech people would be able to say whatever they want WITHOUT fear of reprisal. I also think that all of these companies and these outraged idiots are violating the 1st amendment rights of others when they get them fired over speech.

I just think the social repercussions are too much. People shouldn’t care this much over what someone thinks or says.

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The 1st amendment only protects you from the government intervening.

It’s why the government can’t and won’t shut down far left / far right groups on the basis of their speech.

Private companies can do as they wish.


We have the SJWs to thank for that. Same for the companies that overreact to the SJWs. They use Alinsky tactics to destroy their opposition. That’s why they organize their outrage on a single target until that target is destroyed. It’s literally part of their playbook. Why no one talks about this when it happens is beyond me.

Freedom of speech doesn’t guarantee you protection of reprisal from private citizens or companies. It simply draws a line in the sand between you and government. While I despise this PC culture and overreactions to words, it’s up to US to change that. When we stop pushing the limits and give into the PC crowd, we’re to blame. What can we do? Well, when companies like Walmart say they don’t want your guns in there, stop shopping there. When Hollyweird starts with their me too movement nonsense, stop watching them. The ONLY thing that will back these punks off is slapping them where it hurts. . . the wallet. As to doing stuff like this at work, again, your choice is to start a competing business that’s less PC friendly or comply with their rules.

SJWs make me pissed because they make the whole progressive movement look bad. I agree with intersectional feminism, but for people who are uninformed and may actually want to learn about the issue or movement, it seems like a lot of them say “google it” instead of taking the time to win people over to the side of equality or social democracy (which most social media feminists tend to adhere to).

So would you consider most of modern feminism intersectional? Since I view modern feminism as cancer and while I do agree with equal right and opportunity for both male and female as long as they can qualify for said opportunity. It seems like they’ve turned a blind eye so say the middle east.

Intersectionality typically refers to not only focusing on women but also focusing on unique facets within womanhood and society like race, religion, and cultures that may have different experiences of oppression. I would consider a lot of modern feminism intersectional but there are some notable exceptions like TERFs.

It is true that they have turned a blind eye to the Middle East but most of these movements are centered in the west so to me it makes sense that their activism would focus on Europe and North America.

People are actually pretty shit, and “political correctness” and defiance of it is just the latest excuse to not give a shit about trying to be decent.

There’s also the point that actually the government can arrest you for what you say, and non-governmental actions can infringe on free speech.

That’s true. For example, you don’t have any rights in a chatroom or forum unless the admin decides you do.

Maybe instead of freedom of speech we should be using the term freedom of expression. It makes more sense.

Oh you mean that a person can be alienated from the ability to express themselves? Like if we tie them down so they cannot move or communicate?

The platforms provided by private companies have become critical means for organization, business and political criticism. There is no other suitable solution in cities and across distant locations. Can you tell me how alternative ideas, those that don’t coincide with those of the platform’s owners, are going to survive now that so much censorship and burying content happens on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Unfortunately the right plays into this premise. The right has been shut down time and time again both with legislation and political correctness defended by government. Cases like Hobby Lobby come to mind. We fought for their right to run business based on the conscience of the own an the left constantly took it to court and mostly won…now the left want to use the same ‘rights’ they for so long denied to their political opponents and unfortunately the right is … agreeing with them.

Can you imagine a conservative company firing a person for an employee questioning the fitness of men in the workplace?

Yeah…there do seem to be a lot of unilateral movements to dismantle the west. Once you have done that and your equality movement has been substituted by gun tote sharia advocates…whine about your world then. Leftist just do not see the reality of the world the ‘think’ they want to create.

You mean like ANTIFA cracking someones head with a bat or burning a police car or perhaps destroying a business that they disapprove of?

Freedom of speech is only valuable if there are those willing to defend it. Otherwise, it just becomes something else the left can take and do what they want with.

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Generally, I think that the entire problem could be solved by rewriting Section 230 of the 1996 CDA . It allows protection for online interactive sites like Facebook and bloggers and forums such as this one facing liable charges for content placed on their site by a third party (in this case… us). Used as a sheild it was meant to get rid of child porn while protecting providers. I think it should be changed so that if you as a platform pick and choose what content is posted withing the perimeters of general rules of conduct, you become liable. If you allow all speech you are protected but if you are selective, you lose that shield. That should fix it…

Its not free speech that is the detriment that you speak of. Its the cultural jeopardy known as political correctness. Its why the left goes bonkers whenever the President says something that goes against their imposed cultural mandate to regulate what people say, because he is against PC. Defeat the cultural axis of PC and this problem becomes solved. Look at Hollywood, colleges, and public school educators who are the ones wreaking havoc with regulated speech nonsense. That is where the real focus to which the war must be waged, not on the pages of social media! Although, the latter helps, the real fight has to be taken to the institutions responsible. Berkley anyone?

Well, I’d say the progressive movement makes the progressive movement look bad. Intersectional feminism is just another blame game by people to remove responsibility from themselves and to put it onto society. I’ve found, without exception, everyone has hurdles that must be cleared. Some are higher than others. Once you stop making excuses and figure out how to clear the hurdle, you find success.

It does tend to limit any debate or exchange of information.