Former FBI Officials React to Andrew McCabe’s Soft Coup Admissions…

In case you have been living in a cave for the past week or so, the Andrew McCabe CBS interview that aired this past week is now just being disseminated in revealing stunning new revelations about how Andrew McCabe and James Comey politicized the FBI and actualy discussed removing a duly elected president. In an interview with Laura Ingram, two former Assistant FBI directors give their views in what McCabe said, raising even more questions about the FBI organization as a whole and what will be next as the new AG is now in office.

"Kevin Brock, former FBI assistant director for intelligence, and Terry Turchie, former deputy assistant director of the counterterrorism division, discuss former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s admissions of intent to usurp the presidency. "~ Sundance

IMO, the FBI as a whole is now damaged goods beyond repair and wholesale fundamental changes need to be made in order address the systemic problems at the agency. There is no patch work, it simply needs to be given a very large broom and rebuilt up again, other wise public trust will be forever eroded!

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Notice how this McCabe never mentions the known fake Golden Showers Russia Dossier - as part of the plan to “frame” Trump - to remove him from office!

McCabe should also admit to the rampant FBI FISA ABUSES with the use of their FAKE Dossier that Hillary Clinton funded.

Otherwise, McCabe is still “protecting” Hillary Clinton.

McCabe should Sit Down and STFU.

McCabe and Strzok were FIRED - when they were caught in a STING - destroying computer files and US Government documents.

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I noticed that and thst the questions about it never came in his recent interview. A hard hitting interview might have included…

“Did the fact that your ‘evidence’ originated with an effort paid for by Mr Trump’s political opposition ever enter into your consideration? And did the campaign contribution sent to your wife by the network of that very same political opposition ever enter into your consideration?”

Mccabes wife was running for something and was sent money by the Clinton network. Lying libs love to say "oh… it did not come from Clinton. " and “you think a career Law enforcement officer can be bought. Shame.” Bullshit. They are as dirty as can be.

it’s true that for her campaign, Jill McCabe received a total of $675,288 from two entities associated with McAuliffe: a political action committee and the Virginia Democratic Party

The corruption run far deeper then just FBI and CoJ. It isn’t about 25th they’re pushing…that’s nothing IMO. It’s intelligence abuse, wire/FISA abuse, Unmasking and then attempting to frame duly elected president for crime he did not commit.


And any attempt to get rid of the real criminal is called obstruction of justice. Only the Clinton network would have sacrificed our nation’s law enforcement integrity for their personal gain.

Sadly, none of the Rosenstein/McCabe/Comey/Yates deep state scum will be held accountable, ever.

The United States is officially a police state. We have graduated from deep state to a total 3rd world banana republic. When the head of the FBI writes a book for profit over a coup he was planning and no one arrests and tries him we are a police state.

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McCabe is a prime example of the deep state, effete snobs who look down their noses at the rest of us as the unwashed and know nothings. These snobs are the ones who tell us what’s good for us and how much we should like it. If I had some tar and feathers…I pour it down the gullet of traitors like these.

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Of course. Like how they now pretend that the investigation was started by Mueller and Comey wasn’t already in charge of the investigation nearly a year before Mueller was appointed by the weasel to replace Comey and continue it.

No doubt, and is the real crux of the problem of holding anyone associated with their criminal ORG accountable. Their tentacles run deep in the swamp, and until Hillary and Bill are brought to justice, nothing will change in terms of setting an example of.

I almost fully agree with you, however the Clinton Foundation and the investigation of it, is still an active investigation, so I hold out hope that somehow in a karma kind of way finds its path to justice.

I agree, his hubris is astounding, especially considering he is out on a book tour revealing his soft coup narrative on a duly elected sitting president. If he is not forced to face a jury of 12, then people like McCabe and the FBI itself will continue their politicization of the FBI, and therein is a compromise that affects all institutions of governance that will never be trusted again.

You’re right. McCabe will be held to account for nothing. He’s a hero of the left. He is the man who realized he was perhaps the only one who could hobble Trump’s presidency and prevent Trump from accomplishing anything. He will probably get a Nobel Peace prize for his selfless sacrifice. As much as I personally would like to see him dancing from a light pole.

Why not? DOJ is run by (yet another) trump appointee. Why won’t there be justice?

Why are you calling this a soft coup?

How is contemplating - and rejecting - the use of a constitutional process any different from teh dozens of times lawmakers contemplate - and usually reject - impeaching a president?

Was it a soft coup when people contemplated impeaching Obama?

These were not lawmakers contemplating an impeachment process for which they have purview granted to them by the Constitution.

This was a cabal of unelected bureaucrats trying to overthrow the government.


Why don’t you go and ask the people who wrote the article on why they are calling it a “Soft Coup”!

Which people would that be? DOJ FBI? If you got verifiable facts to back up that assertion then please provide it otherwise don’t waste my time with your bullshit straw man argument! Talking about it as an FBI and DOJ official where there is not suppose to be any political bias as opposed to media pundits talking about it is not the same. Try again!

The Soros shill knows this. It is an attempt to shift the narrative and downplay the criminal acts perpetrated by leftist FBI sycophants.


Nice stretch @Thehollowmen



Impeachment was never even considered under Obama. He knows this. You’re being played. Badly.