Former FBI Officials React to Andrew McCabe’s Soft Coup Admissions…

Of which there are more than elected representatives and the scary part is these unelected bureaucrats are setting policy. This is a power that kings used to have. And its being used by people who were never voted into the positions they hold.

No not being played, already knew that, I was just setting the record straight, and challenging him to provide proof, hence we get crickets!

Where in your copy of the constitution does the FBI play a role in the 25th amendment process?


So then if they couldn’t possibly invoke it, it’s not much of a coup attempt, is it?

They had other means at their disposal which they attempted to use that they did have the power to do.

Interesting insight on who McCabe was at the time, and its not the first time I heard this story told!

Maybe the pieces of the puzzle starting to fit into where this is leading to!

So THOSE were the coup efforts. Not the discussing of the 25th amendment. I see,

what were those efforts? Investigating the multiple connections between the trump campaign and russia?

Oh my god… are you here defending the sedition?


The Federal Bureau of Investigation is seditious if they investigate ties to a forging adversary?

When the only evidence is provided by an unreliable and discredited foreign source who is paid by the political opponent of the target and that political opponent has a network of supporters who send money to the wife of a senior FBI official who is in the decision chain, and the target is the POTUS … ummmm… yes. Sedition.


You should do this everyday!