Feminism Got Wrong Where Women Belong

I strongly believe women belong at home with their children…and, yes, MARRIED to the father of their offspring.

Look at our society. Working mothers have destroyed their own children. Kids are not having their needs met in any regard. Is it any surprise “bullying” and gender confusion are on the rise? Obesity? Promiscuity? Violence?

Not to mention the fact that while they are out pursuing selfish endeavors, their children are at higher risk for sexual abuse in their absence.

They perform poorly on the job and require that other employees carry their weight, as they attempt to be part time mommies. They bring down wages by competing in the work force. More cars equals more pollution, more traffic congestion.

Also, there is no way in HELL I would allow a female doctor anywhere near my family. Affirmative action standards give women extra points for merely having internal plumbing. Any individual who would take a job or an education they did not earn has ZERO integrity. They abandon their children daily to go to work. If they don’t care about there own children, why on earth would they care about yours? Not just doctors. Any profession that allows affirmative action or diversity standards to take the place of merit and integrity.


Welcome @Julia

60’s feminists started this destruction of the family. It has spawned generations of instant gratification, victimhood and zero responsibility for one’s decisions. And now the 3rd wave feminists blame all this on…the so called white male privilege. Amazing.

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Women are just as capable as men in many fields. That being said their natural role is to be a mother and raise her children.

Choice… .

Women have equal rights in this country and should most certainly be allowed to choose careers over parenting but trying to do both has proven disastrous for the last three generations or so.

I’m all for incentivizing married women staying at home and parenting their kids but I’d certainly never approve of any sort of legislation banning them from the workplace.

Any mother who chooses to work while abandoning her children to the state to raise is an unfit mother.


Did you immigrate to this country from Saudi Arabia? :rofl:

That’s like, 60% of all children born these days, abandoned in the name of daycare.


This is not true women are not just as capable also women should not be allowed to choose a career unless it’s in public services like being a prostitute all jokes aside women should just been mothers by the time they are in their 30’s and work in their 20’s so they are somewhat financially independent in my opinion women should not really be in the work force full time it would be a better work life balance for everyone

Men, make the decisions in your life necessary to give your woman the option to work so she can simply have extra spending cash, or to stay home and be supported by you, knowing she’ll be safe and secure either way. You’ll know real fast if she’s the right one.

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Yeah…this is exactly where I stand too.

welcome Julia

I have to say that marxism infiltrating American society is the start of the problem

I get what you’re trying to say and I agree in principle but many female doctors are not the beneficiaries of Affirmative action, medical school is grueling and it takes commitment from the individual especially the specialized field.

I agree with TWR post on this subject as its dead on.

Not for all women. There are a lot of horrible mothers out there even if they are stay at home.

I’m just going to bypass the “allowed” comment :wink:
I think there is confusion about putting a career before family vs. putting family before career. I had a career but was there to pick my child up from school everyday, cook dinner and help with homework. Lots of quality time during the week and on weekends.

I’m not. The government needs to stay out of my person life and decisions, not become more involved in them.

Tell that to the mom’s out there who’ve lost a husband and have been left on their own financially to raise their children. Plenty have done so working themselves to the bone and have still raised good kids.

Being a stay at home mom does not automatically mean a return to the type of morals and values or even good parenting that we had when a lot of us grew up.

Having said this, had I a choice I would have stayed at home with my child until he was at least in kindergarten…But life didn’t work out for me that way, nor does it for a lot of people.

Maybe even more.

And many of the kids abandoned to daycare don’t have a father at home when they finally get back home at the end of the day.

For many kids reaching adulthood in the past few generations, the concept of a traditional family structure isn’t even a consideration, and that paradigm is only going to continue growing as “normal” continues to evolve in our society.

Punctuation, man!

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Practically nothing said on a chat board is absolute. Of course TWR’s post doesn’t apply to ALL.

As a general principle, it’s true that the natural role (and a very special and sacred role it is!) for a woman is to be a mother to her children. When it’s not disordered, it benefits the woman herself, and her children, and society as a whole.

And of course there are exceptions, and tragic circumstances. That does not change the ideal though.

Right. Without the proper attitude and goals, it’s likely to fail. That’s why a government dictate toward that end would not work. We’ve lost the ideal as a culture. There has been a steady erosion eating away at traditional ideals for generations. It’s going to take just as long (if not longer) to restore it.

A good start is for as many people as possible who recognize the ideal to stop propping the exceptions in argument against those who propose a return to the ideals.

Welcome, Julia! It is always good when coherent posters join our community. I agree with some of what you say here…but I see a lot of flies in the buttermilk.

I often point out the inadvertent omission of certain clarifying words and the dangers of using certain others that have meaning beyond what is intended, such as always and never.

Not all women fit well into your utopian, cookie cutter mold. I would have used Some Women or a Lot of Women or Most Women rather than Women (which implies all women) in the title.

Some women have lost their children’s fathers to death or divorce. I wouldn’t advocate that they rush to marry again. Firstly, it may not be what is best for the children…depending on their ages. Secondly, some women just don’t need to be married to function well as a mother and a breadwinner.

There are many career jobs at which women are quite effective and in some cases more effective than any man could be. My favorite educators from K through 12 were women.

Again, your broad brush is hanging out.

If you have some stats on this claim, please post them. Women with multiple children of different ages cannot possibly be within site of all of them at all times. Women with just one child cannot be with that child at all times.

Here I again, I see opinion rather than supported facts…with exception of the last sentence.

When I was young, I had a female pediatrician. When I was in my 50s and 60s, I had a female doctor. When I was 70, I had a colonoscopy done by a female proctologist. (She had several male nurses as aids in her office practice…to move the sedated bodies around.)

I like female doctors. They have small hands. :laughing:

Perhaps you have knowledge of anecdotal life stories that support your claim that all women should stay at home and bake cookies, but I find it difficult to believe they don’t belong in the work force. Had it not been for women joining the work force during World War II, we’d likely have lost it.


I’ll repeat this:


Women who place so-called ‘careers’ over the welfare of their kids are child abusers and need to be treated and punished for being negligent mothers. In addition, they should face the ridicule and censure of other women who are married and full time moms. Peer pressure coming down on them will fix their need to abandon their children to Marxist schools and black/brown babysitters while these females go off to pursue their ‘dreams’.

This is a disturbing and outrageous post!

I would expect this type of commentary from a very young woman trying to impress her right-wing goose-stepping boyfriend. I’m in absolute shock that a grown woman would take this type of tone publicly, and put her picture to the post.

Well let me tell you something…not every woman can have children so that completely blows your argument out of the water. For those women, are they expected to not be able to provide for themselves? Are they supposed to wait around for a man to come along and take care of everything for them?

While this may be the way of the world for you in whatever dead end Midwestern town you happen to be producing litters of children in, it’s not the way of the world for most. Most women don’t want to live the way you are describing.

To me it almost sounds like you’re in an abusive relationship. Maybe you should go find help at a women’s shelter because clearly there is a problem. Women have worked too hard and come too far to be put back in the kitchen by the likes of you. You shouldn’t be pushing your bad decisions on others as good ideas.

I am completely sickened by this post.

Three out of 100 women (to pick a proportion) isn’t going to put much pressure on anyone.

Those women aren’t the subject addressed by the OP.

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