FBI investigated how Trump's actions seemed to benefit Russia

CNN article should have been titled “Deep State investigated how Trump’s actions seemed to benefit Russia”.

No surprise MSM is frothing at the mouth over this supposed earthshattering revelation. Obama holdovers were still very much running the show at the time.

I like to refer to this as “Wishing and Hoping”.


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If anything, it’s the Democrats who have colluded with Russia.

My God , CNN is so full of shit ! When will they hold Hillary and Bill up to the light ? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

CNN notes that the investigation was opened by the FBI Counterintelligence division. Sounds ominous. CNN innocently forgets to mention that the division was led by Peter Strzok, one of the most corrupt anti-Trump members of the cabal.

When you already think there is collusion, then you can interpret many things as if there were collusion.


Counterintelligence also is in no way even remotely criminal. I’d like to know how it was even close to “meddling” when the hack did not change any actual votes? I realize they’re sore because they were exchanging emails back and forth and those were released to the public, exposing the fact that they were in fact actually meddling to influence the election by completely screwing over Sanders and manipulating it so that Trump wound up being Hillary’s opponent. Too bad that last one backfired big time.

I wonder if they opened one to figure out why Obama was acting to the benefit of Iran and Isis? Oh and let’s not forget his hot mic moment with the Russian President saying he could be more flexible after the election.

Trump wasn’t supposed to win. That’s what this is really all about. How can they undo the results of the 2016 election.

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More like making sure he doesn’t win again.


Yet the Clinton Foundation getting millions of donations from foreign countries at the same time as Hillary is in negotiations with them is just fine. Something has to change. We can’t keep letting these pricks get away with the corruption.

When will we have that investigation of FBI colluding with democrats?

Because that just what they did. They behaved/acted as democrat operatives.

I think the CI thing was a ruse. He briefed back on his return.

Since none of you seem to be paying attention to the details and just appear to be repeating what you hear on Fox News…allow me to add a factual summary to this discussion.

Rod Rosenstein issues letter recommending Comey be fired. Comey is fired. FBI and DOJ opens a CI investigation of President Trump based on Comey’s firing. Mueller is appointed by Rosenstein, who oversees all aspects of investigation. Mueller takes over the complete CI investigation which is ongoing.

End of summary.

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Good summary and it seems accurate.

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Yes we know that…but if you think they didn’t start their little hunt prior to Comey firing, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. :wink:

They started it during the campaign. Contingency plan.

My theory is that the contingency plan developed was for a release of Hillary’s deleted emails. I believe that the prospect of that scared them to death and they wanted to pin it on anyone in Trump’s campaign they could entrap. The only way they could deflect was to have a villain in Trump’s circle.

They reckoned that those emails would be the only thing that might endanger her victory, so Brennan got some European allies to chatter and create a good smokescreen for their operation. They got some cutouts to float the prospect of getting the emails and they had a few fall guys if the shit hit the fan with Hillary’s emails.

When they didn’t get released, they figured they were in the clear. Then Trump won and they had to furiously cover their tracks, they flagrantly spied (and even ran disinformation ops) on their opponent’s campaign and people should go to jail for that. That’s how they came up with the Russian bogeyman excuse for Hillary’s defeat.

Only Trump’s clumsiness has saved them from legal jeopardy. A competent president would have busted that bunch and told the Euros involved to start shitcanning people or else.

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My take away is that this really wasn’t the FBI at all. Stating that the FBI was investigating Trump is misleading. This really originated from Obama holdovers and Trump haters buried in the FBI. The article also states that they had been looking to go after Trump back in 2016, under Obama’s watch.

Good well thought out theory. We touch on that before at another time and another place. It was to protect Hillary and pin it on Trump.

I also noted you said Trump clumsiness saved em from legal troubles. I might beg to differ a tad bit…it was his clumsiness that might have protected/shelter him as well.

Good post. :wink:

That’s a pretty good theory.