Fauci: Americans don't believe science and they don't believe authority

When you are an America fruit cake you believe all what this lunatic tells you Fauci is a globalist pos loser!!

and for more MORNING headlines get a load of all this bs going on …

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the polarising director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, slammed everyday Americans for refusing to go along with ‘authority’ on medical matters, and accused people of ‘amazing denial’ when it comes to ‘truth’.

and then we have…

Facebook, the arbiters of everything in the new world order, has banned a political ad by the Trump campaign because it used a symbol connected with ‘organised hate’. Yet, it turns out that symbol is one used all the time by ANTIFA.

The Hypocrite control freaks love to block ppl…




Some of our FRIDAY Headlines for this moring have a great day everyone.

Fauci is just mad that no one is listening to him anymore and that his scam to lockdown the entire country immediately got shown to be total bullshit as a result of the riots.

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The Conservative Effort To Reshape The Supreme Court Has Completely And Utterly Failed. Well that’s obvious.




Woody Allen should return to comedy acting and play Fauci.

I can just imagine the hilarious monologue

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The Supreme Court - cool heads & calculated reasoning.

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Fauci is a madman , this go back and forth with this virus to the point you have to believe he has NO fucking clue !!! He is a Hillary sniffer from way back and will mislead our president at every step .


He’ll write a book…probably already in drafts.

Sheeple will agree with him and follow. That is what they do.

I believe he underestimates or is not aware of what drives the spirit of America.

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It’s because of Fauci’s lockdown that 41% of black owned businesses have been destroyed.

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I laugh almost every time I see an article that claims a certain groups was “disproportionately” affected by such and such. It’s as if a quota system should be applied to all things that hurt people.

Small businesses (regardless of the ethnicity of the owners) that depend on the physical presence of patrons suffered during the lockdowns. The few that utilize online sales only were not affected by it (except in cases where unemployment of customers may have decreased their sales).

I suspect though that online sales increased significantly after people were restricted from shopping at stores.

Keeping up with percentages of business failures by owner’s ethnicity is relatively meaningless when the types of businesses may also be related to ethnicity. The loss of revenue may be more related to the type of business than to the ethnicity of the owner.

Example: Many motels here in the US are owned by people from India. Lack of business related travel and vacations has hurt the motel industry. It should be obvious that this “disproportionately” affects the India natives here.

Well this article is more focused on one demographic than the aggregate. There is no doubt that everyone has suffered as a result of this lockdown just as you are apt to point out another affected demographic and a particular industry. In the height of this BLM ridiculous narrative it’s hard to see the real innocent victims affected by what has already happened and add in the riots as well and this appears compounded to be more damaging.

You missed my point. Never mind.

No I didn’t miss your point. You said ethnicity in regards to evaluating the damage caused is meaningless in the aggregate when considering the surge of internet sales whereas e-commerce businesses benefited more where others didn’t. That point wasn’t lost on me and in fact you could be right in that regards, but my point is when taking into account small businesses that are not e-commerce such as barbershops and Ma and pop stores, blacks have been affected more according to the article I posted.

…and that could be related to the number of barbershops per capita owned by blacks.

Sure it could. Not disagreeing with that, just as your assertion that Motels owned by Indians per capita.

No, your still not following the logic.

Here are some ridiculous numbers to illustrate:

Black population 100…Number of Barbers 10
White population 1000…number of Barbers 30
That’s 40 total barbers.

The comes along total loss of barber business…

Blacks lose 10% of blacks jobs
Whites lose 3% of whites jobs

of the total jobs lost
40 = 100%
10 = black loss = 25%
30 = white loss = 75%

Right, but how about all businesses?

Sorry Fauci.
It’s just Americans just don’t believe you.

I think he did the right thing in the beginning, but now he seems to be beating a dead horse.