Father Of Guatemalan Girl Who Died In Border Patrol Custody Hires Lawyers, Claims Daughter Wasn't Dehydrated

Time to expedite deportation

The father of Jakelin Caal, who died in United States Customs and Border Protection custody, has reportedly hired a pair of attorneys and is challenging the Department of Homeland Security’s claims of how his daughter died.

Nery Gilberto Caal released a statement, through attorneys, on Saturday, claiming that he and his daughter — whom Border Patrol says died of prolonged hunger and dehydration — were properly fed, and that they had not spent days in the desert before declaring their intent to seek asylum at an official border crossing in New Mexico last week.

Buzzfeed News and CBS News report that Caal has hired Enrique Morneo and Elena Esparza to handle his case. The attorneys now say that, “Jakelin had not been crossing the desert for days. Jakelin’s father took care of Jakelin — made sure she was fed and had sufficient water,” and that they “sought asylum from the Border Patrol as soon as they crossed the border.”

The pair of lawyers also reportedly issued a threat to the Department of Homeland Security, warning spokespeople for the agency to cease “further speculation about her cause of death" because making "premature and inaccurate statements undermine the integrity of the investigation.”

It does not appear that the attorneys have presented any evidence to substantiate their claim that the official Border Patrol report on Jakelin’s death is inaccurate, or that a further investigation is warranted.

A non-profit called Annunciation House, which is reportedly housing Jakelin’s father, released the same statement to media on Saturday evening, the Arizona Central reports. The Annunciation House statement claims that Jakelin and her father traveled most of the way from Guatemala by bus, and that they had been dropped off only a 90 minute walk from the United States border.

The new claims fly in the face of a report issued by The Washington Post — hardly an outlet that openly supports the Trump Administration’s anti-immigration efforts — which says Jakelin’s father attested that his daughter was in good physical condition upon contacting Customs and Border Patrol, but that the girl began vomiting and convulsing while being transported from the border to a Border Patrol facility 90 minutes away.

Once the transport reached its destination, emergency responders attended to Jakelin and got her airlifted to a children’s hospital in El Paso, Texas, where she later died of cardiac arrest. She spent a total of about eight hours in Border Patrol custody.

There has yet to be an autopsy and a formal declaration of Jakelin’s cause of death, but Department of Homeland Security officials have said that Jakelin was in the final, desperate stages of dehydration and hunger, and that the child hadn’t had food or water in several days before she and her father turned up at the border in New Mexico.

But pro-immigration activists have refused to accept the CBP’s official word on Jakelin’s death, and it seems that they may want more than just a simple explanation, even if the autopsy report substantiates the Border Patrol’s claims that Jakelin died of severe dehydration and shock.

A protest at the border, which took place Saturday night, demanded an official independent investigation into Jakelin’s death.

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Does ANYONE really believe we would kill a child because they entered the USA illegally ? Do the parents have any responsibility ? What about the moron democrats that encourage illegals to enter our Country in masses ? Actions have consequents and traveling thousands of miles and climbing a wall has deadly consequents too . No parent should drag their children through this shit .

The initial indication form Providence Hospital is that she passed due to sepsis shock," the DHS said. “Her father was with her.”

Sepsis is the body’s extreme response to an existing infection somewhere in the body that can lead to rapid organ failure and death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/guatemalan-girl-died-sepsis-shock-hospital-officials-said-n948666

We shall see what the cause of death was. I’m sorry the man lost his little girl and this must be hard on him. No matter what we may think of illegal immigration, the man is a father.

Having said that, I have no idea what the child went through and experienced on her journey here. Would she still be alive had her father not made the journey? Possibly yes and that is something he will have to make peace with should it be determined to be the case.

The sad part is the opportunist lawyers ready to sue the world.

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The perfect reason to deport him after the funeral.

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The man (the father) should be charged with child abuse, in my opinion, as well as the people who took care of her on the bus. They all neglected her. This little girl lost her life because of selfish desires.


The father should be deported, if he is not legal. If he is…charge him with child abuse, according to U.S. law.


Imagine if a US citizens took their child and walked them through the desert.


  1. Arrested.
  2. Child placed in protective custody.
  3. Adult charged with child abuse.
  4. If the child dies, manslaughter, child abuse, a host of other crimes.

When will the poor illegal be charged with child abuse?


One does not have to go that far. Just leave your children in a car for 5 mins and see what happen.

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I don’t have imagine, the bar is set much lower here in the United States:



I’m sure many children have lost their lives traveling through Mexico to the United States. What do you suppose happens to the unaccompanied children on their journey here? Even if they make it, I’m sure they are not same person they started out as.

But, the liberals encourage them to come in spite of the dangers. They are complicit in every death, rape or crime committed.


The level of culpability, where the father is concerned, is such that he should be charged with reckless endangerment, contributing to the delinquency and up to negligent homicide.

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Charged by whom? Neither he nor his daughter are/were citizens of the United States.

Charged by a US prosecutor . Citizenship or the lack of , does NOT immune you to being charged with a crime you knew that , stop .

You don’t have to be a citizen to be charged with a crime.

Actually, I didn’t. I thought only if you committed a crime in the United States could you be charged with a crime in the United States.

Where did the girl die?

She died in the United States, so I do see your point.

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If the person is i the US today, he can be charged by US law.

If you commit a crime outside the US and you’re on US soil it’s still a crime.

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San Antonio.

Who put her at risk?

Who didn’t ensure she had proper food, water?

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