Father Of Guatemalan Girl Who Died In Border Patrol Custody Hires Lawyers, Claims Daughter Wasn't Dehydrated


Waiting to see…


Waiting to see if she died in San Antonio?

Waiting to see who drug her across Mexico?

Waiting to see if she had proper care during the trek?

Waiting to see if being held by Border Patrol killed he or was it a thoughtless parent?

These are the kind of people that wear are allowing to enter the US.


Waiting to see what killed her.


Sadly this ( when the smoke clears ) is more than likely, “now” about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Riddle me this: Who was it who put the child in harms way? Easy question.


That is actually a complex question and I doubt the finger can be pointed at one source.

I would argue that it is the liberals and those who encourage migration who are complicit and should be named and held responsible in a lawsuit in the child’s death.

Playing devil’s advocate:
The father only knows what he has heard. Perhaps he is assured of a job and help along the way in his travels.
Yet, when he takes to travel there is no help as promised and the road is much harder than he was lead to believe.
Perhaps had he been truly informed he never would have started the journey. Had he known his daughter would suffer as she did perhaps he would never have considered the journey. Can the man even read? Did he have the information resources available to him that we do to make this decision or was he a pawn, like so many others in the liberal game?

We assume he had all of the information available to him that we do. Yet, what if he didnt’?

I wonder what would happen if we dropped fliers with actual updates and real information for the “caravans” to read vs. the bullshit they are being fed?

Maybe the girl got sick between point A and B and there were simply no resources or help for her. She was toast by the time she got the U.S.

And how many are there just like her that did not make the news? Because the liberal agenda is more important than the lives they destroy?

Even if it is found that the father was at fault, how many have been duped by the liberal machine and put in harm’s way because they know no better?


But the father regardless is ultimately responsible. He made the decision to travel regardless of the conversation, promises, awards.


Those are the “lucky” ones. The ones that are kidnapped and have their lives tied to drugs, abuses and prostitution, not so much.


Yet, if he traveled under false premise? If he had no knowledge to what he was facing?


Yes, the horror stories must be endless. It breaks my heart that children are caught up in this.


You give him the benefit of the doubt.

Jakelin hadn’t had anything to eat or drink for days, her father later told U.S. officials.

The girl and her father, 29-year-old Nery Gilberto Caal Cuz, were arrested with the large group near the Antelope Wells border crossing at about 9:15 p.m. Dec. 6. The rugged, mountainous area is home to ghost towns and abandoned buildings from Old West homesteader days. It’s an unforgiving terrain where Geronimo made his last stand and remains largely isolated with no cell service and few unpaved roads. The sparsely used official port of entry is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The group was held at one of 17 “forward operating bases” in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas — spartan facilities built in recent years to increase official U.S. presence in extremely remote areas. Agents live there on weeklong assignments because driving back and forth every day from their stations would consume enormous amounts of time.

Jakelin and her father were held in the facility with food and water but no medical aid.

CBP officials say the drive from Antelope Wells to the nearest Border Patrol station in Lordsburg can take hours.

There is a single bus that transports migrants to and from this area to the base in Lordsburg, and, following protocol, the other minors filled the first bus while the daughter and her father waited.

Why did they go to such a remote location??

Food and water were available at the station however no medical care.

What parent would put their child at risk??


I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, LouMan.

I am placing the majority of blame on the leftist groups who spread fairy tales to the desperate and uneducated in order to further a political agenda. I’d very much like to see these groups accountable.

They were traveling with 163 people. None of which were reported to be sick or dehydrated.
The man lived in a hut with a straw roof. I would be surprised if he could read or write.
Let’s wait to see what the cause of death is. Initial indications are it was sepsis shock.

It was after dark and they were part of a group of 163 people, apparently including dozens of unaccompanied children, who had made it to Antelope Wells, New Mexico, considered the most remote spot along America’s entire southern border.

The Associated Press described the family home, a “tiny wooden house with a straw roof, dirt floors, a few bedsheets and a fire pit for cooking, where Jakelin used to sleep with her parents and three siblings. The brothers are barefoot, their feet caked with mud and their clothes in tatters.

The initial indication from the Providence hospital is that she passed due to sepsis shock.https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/dec/17/guatemalan-girl-jakelin-caal-maquin-death-crossing-us-border


Benefit of the doubt.

You’re certainly entitled to that perspective.

We all hopefully start there however in this case another person is involved, a child. His child. As a parent I would never in a million years put my daughter at risk. No matter the circumstances, no matter what anyone else says, not in a million years.

Maybe there’s a cultural difference where the fathers wants and needs supersedes all parental responsibility. Excluding that he was irresponsible. He was at fault making a decision for a minor child.


I would not place my child at risk as this father did, either. And, yes, he is ultimately at fault for making this decision. Had he not, she would still be alive today.

My issue is more to the point of addressing the groups, rather than an individual, that are making the reward worth the risk, while possibly grossly misrepresenting the risk.

Remember the article on the interview with one of the members of the caravan? Where he said he thought there would be social workers greeting them but instead it was the military?

Why would he think that unless someone is selling these people misinformation and misrepresenting the facts.

I’m as against illegal immigration as possible, but I have also come to the conclusion that there is culpability in the encouragement of illegal immigration that has to be addressed.


Many of the people making the trek are influenced by people/relatives who made the trip and called home and said, come to the US I liv in paradise where no one is hungry, i have a nice place to live and they are teaching my children and charge me nothing.

6 in 10 of the Hondurans in the US are here illegally.

There are more illegal Hondurans in the US than in the capital city of Honduras. An estimated 1 million Hondurans reside in the United States, 600,000 of whom are believed to be undocumented,” a State Department fact sheet estimatedin March 2014, when the scale of the unaccompanied-children crisis was not as widely known. Border Patrol officers apprehended more than 16,500 Honduran unaccompanied alien children and more than 30,300 Honduran family units through June of fiscal year 2014, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data.

This has to stop.


Yes, it DOES have to stop.

The humane thing to do is to build a wall and strictly and consistently enforce our border. As of now it is left to the whim of which political party is in power. You’d think Pelosi and Schumer might have a wake up call with what is happening in Europe, but no…They stick their arrogant heads in the sand and double down on stupidity.

What should be happening is Republicans calling out the likes of Pelosi and Schumer as complicit. Turn the tables and shine the light on them for the deaths, the crime committed while people are migrating and while they are here illegally in this country.


Amazing that he can’t afford to come here legally but has an army of high priced attorneys to assist him at the drop of a hat.


The other issue that needs to be addressed is asylum. The open end oh you’re afraid in your country, you’re welcome here. There is zero proof in the claims these people make yet they are admitted into the US on their word.

The other issue should be established their return to their home country with a specific timeframe established.


Twenty agreeing characters.


Hours after Jackeline was placed on a bus, she started vomiting. She was not breathing when she arrived at a Border Patrol station. Emergency medical technicians revived her and she was flown to a hospital in El Paso, Texas, where she was found to have swelling in her brain and liver failure, officials said. She later died.

So you have your what killed her.

Border patrols fault of the father who brought her to the US border without food or water per his statement for days???


So official autopsy report and cause of death has been released?