Eviction Enforcement to Begin in Some Areas of the US Next Week

Eviction filings had been piling up across the country, but hearings and enforcement were postponed mostly. Now that seems to be coming to an end in some areas.

We will be compassionate & respectful during evictions :rofl:

I don’t see this ending well in the long term health of the nations psyche.


I saw a report about AOC’s district in Queens, NYC. They estimate as many as 3000 of 6000 restaurants may close. Those Amazon jobs sure would look good now.

The lockdown will be a boom for the lawyers. How surprising.


This is just wrong. The government forced so many small businesses to shut down, which caused people to go without paychecks, which caused people to not be able to pay their rent, which is now allowing the government to come in and kick them out of their homes.

What the fuck is wrong with this country?

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Great! Nothing like kicking a dog when it’s down. I wonder if these Sheriffs are ever going to realize that they have the power to take no action. It would be nice to see them start thinking through things rationally and not acting like mindless robots of the state.

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Lessons in nothing is FREE !!!

Happens all the time with illegals .

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That’s the part that caught my attention…:rofl:

Is it really a surprise??

The people renting homes with mortgages due cannot ignore the mortgage on the property. Businesses owning buildings and have a loan on the building cannot ignore the debt without a foreclosure in there future.

Where did people, the state governments get the idea people can live in a home without paying for it???

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I think everyone understands that. But when the banks are getting bailed out for their irresponsibility by the taxpayer…the taxpayer gets no consideration and then gets completely screwed over and thrown out on the street.

Remember - it’s not the government bailing out the banks it’s the taxpayer and they are using the money that we pay to help these banks and large businesses but they aren’t using our money to help us. It’s our money. Not theirs.


And who do you think owns the banks? Could it be investors, taxpayers, via investments or retirement funds, people who do not receive their dividend from the banks to pay their bills?

This mess was created by state governments over reach of their power. And it continues to be their mess as they try and re-open businesses. Think everyone will just go back to work> Really think small businesses will just go to their previous level of activity?

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So why can’t the banks just stop the payments and tack them onto the back end of the loan?

So that justifies throwing Americans who got fucked by them out onto the street? If that happens across the country we are never coming back from this.


A small, rootless, international clique who uses usury to enslave the population. They deserve no sympathy.

So what are you saying should happen here?

So allowing people to not pay rent sit home all day eating and drinking themselves into oblivion is the answer to getting back to normal?

How about re-opening the businesses illegally shut down by state governments. This was created by governors and can only be repaid by governors, free checks from the Federal Government has never been the answer,

They can go to a hearing, explain the circumstances and the Judge will make a decision.

If the premises is backed by a government lender, the folks can stay. However, if a private lender not so much.

It’s a horrible situation but I don’t think anyone can have a reasonable expectation that they can’t pay their rent or mortgage.

The people providing the residence have their own mortgage with bills to pay, too.

This wouldn’t be a problem if the banks suspended payments and tacked the missing payments onto the back end of the loan once this crisis is over.

The federal government is able to do that with student loans. The banks are able to do that with the mortgages that they lend.

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I agree and think that should happen.

However, with the caveat that people have to show they are not allowed to work.

(man, I cannot even believe I’m typing that… not ALLOWED to work). :flushed:

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I think that’s totally reasonable (and that is what I was suggesting). If the reason a family can’t pay their rent is because their government told them they aren’t allowed to go to work then that family shouldn’t be thrown out onto the street. That’s un-American. Right now we should be taking care of our own people and not hurting them even more because these banks, who we have continuously bailed out with OUR MONEY are completely unwilling to help.

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