Eviction Enforcement to Begin in Some Areas of the US Next Week

No argument from me on that.

The Governors need to either open up their states or the people need to take back their state.

Three months of no income will deplete a lot of any savings people have put away.

Enough is enough.

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No one said free checks. Also…it’s our money.

That needs to happen but it still doesn’t solve the problem of people not receiving pay for 3 months, or them being put over the barrel because they haven’t been being paid for 3 months. If everyone went to work again next month they would only just start being paid and they wouldn’t be able to cover 3 months of back rent plus the current rent due. The banks just need to shift the payments due to the back end of the loan and that works for everyone. Rental leases can even be extended by 3 months to cover the gap. The average American shouldn’t be paying the price for the ineptitude of government. The banks that we consistently bail out also need to cut their shit. This is unnecessary.


Since when do police ever compassionate and respectful when it comes to evicting someone or group? Coming in with guns blazing is not being a “good cop”. :laughing:

From what I’ve read, there are quiet a few landlords doing just that: working with people to help them get back on their feet.

Why is it we don’t hear about them?

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They don’t fit the narrative of greedy landlords. Remember, any and all wealth greater than your own was created on your back, from your toil and against your will- at least that’s the DNC mantra…

A friend of mine is having severe financial issues as he owns 4 houses that he rents. He has mortgages on all 4. The mortgage companies gave him a pass for 1 month. The renters are all 3 months behind. Exactly what is he to do? The average rent is 1200 a month so he’s upside down almost 10K. As soon as this passes he will put all 4 up for sale and the rents will have to find other place to live.

Exactly what would you have him do? Declare bankruptcy, have the mortgage companies take the houses ending with everyone evicted.

The banks have no options either as their shareholders, middle class America, will certainly not accept losses that will certainly be coming soon.

Saying the bankers are thieves staling form the hard working people is hardly true. Whose responsibility is it? The state that shut down the economies would be my first shot. How would they compensate people? Taxpayer dollars? Hardly an acceptable solution.

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Maybe your friend should have saved up for a rainy day and not over-extended himself. He expects that from the people he rents to, but not himself?

So what your proposed solution would be to this problem?

Don’t get into real estate if you aren’t prepared to cover the costs.

That is not a solution only more opine lecturing from the armchair recliner that you sit in. Equal equanimity should apply to all not a partisan shot to make oneself feel better about themselves while hiding in corners of cyberspace.

Eviction notices are court orders, if they refuse to serve them the Sheriffs and Deputies can be held in criminal and civil contempt.

The governors and legislatures need to get off their asses and pass emergency legislation staying all evictions and foreclosures.

There’s an even bigger looming issue here on the subject of Takings.

All these business owners and wage earners who have lost their incomes due to these orders have a constitutional right to full compensation by the gov’t.


How are landlords supposed to do that other than by raising rents to exorbitant levels to ensure they have enough capital in reserve to cover the losses from months or years of non paying renters?

States like CA already have an affordable housing crisis that is only going to be made much worse by all of this.

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Banks have deferred around $145 billion worth of mortgages. How many landlords got a break on their investment property and didn’t pass it on to the tenant?

Your friend probably shouldn’t have become a landlord just to live on easy street…becuse an investment property isn’t an investment unless you own it. If you are mortgaging investment properties and borrowing against the equity to mortgage more properties…you are an idiot if you don’t have ample cash on hand. Ask you friend what happens when the cost of operating rentals exceeds the cost of holding vacant and idle?

One is much less of a loss than the other, I can assure you. Your friend should find another line of work.

If he does he’ll probably be selling them literally for pennies on the dollar.

A serious crash in the commercial real estate market could be the final straw pushing us into a serious, deep recession or even depression.

The economic damage of this virus is far worse than the cost in terms of lives and we’re very likely losing far more people to other causes due to the shut down than we are from the virus.

There’s already evidence of skyrocketing deaths due to alcohol and drugs and it’s almost a certainty that suicide rates will soon skyrocket as well.

If massive numbers of people are forced onto the streets with no jobs, no incomes, no homes all crime rates will rapidly escalate as well.

This is the kind of Chaos democrats have been salivating over for decades and they are creating the perfect storm for a level of totalitarianism we’ve never imagined before in this country.

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His friend was dong fine till our own gov’t blew up the damned economy over a virus that in the end will probably have less than a 1% mortality rate with 98% of those deaths occurring in people who were already living on borrowed time due to an assortment of chronic health issues/ala co-morbidities.

His friend did not understand the risks of mortgaging multiple properties. You can’t blame shitty government actions in one situation for the bad decisions of an individual in another situation. All investments carry risks.

That is right. History is our greatest teacher to know that this is indeed is true. Look at past cases from various nations where the populace rebelled, almost in every case unemployment reached to over 50%. The most recent example of this is when US forces were occupying Iraq and it’s Army was disbanded by a Washington bureaucrat.

Your friend doesn’t own shit. The banks own it. He’s just borrowing it until he pays it off.

My friend got a 1 month waiver. his tenants are 3 months behind. Looks like he’s in the hole 10K. Upside is it won’t last forever and the moment he can dump the properties he will to ensure he doesn’t take a loss again.