Everytime Liberal Democrats Talk, I want to Vote For Trump Twice!

This is great!


I stated in 2016 that I would crawl on hands and knees through broken glass to vote for Trump. In 2020, I’ll do the same.

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He is literally the fire wall between me and the crazy Commiecrats! Its pretty much an easy decision! Through the fires of hell I will go through to see to it I will vote for him!

Refreshing to see someone has dropped the typical bullshit narrative that Trump isn’t immoral and corrupt (although the author does engage in the typical “The other side is no better/worse!” response). He’s simply admitting he doesn’t care. Which is fair, so long as he never claimed to be a social conservative.

What is your logic for such a statement?

If he claimed to be a social conservative, then he claimed to care about values and principles. And he’d be a raging hypocrite to support Trump if that’s the case.

Of course, the rhetoric of values and principles was just a ruse to lure the red state rubes into thinking the powers that be actually cared about those things. What’s refreshing is that more people like the author are coming out and saying the powers that be no longer need to use that rhetoric. They’re all in, no matter what.

Did you vote for Trump? If you didn’t who would and did you vote for?

See… libs look to presidents to replace their daddy, their God, and their moral mentor. Conservatives simply look to them for a Commander in Chief and a chief executive.

This is why you don’t understand how a social conservative could vote for Trump. You are projecting.

On an anonymous internet forum, that’s a useless road to go down:

  • I could tell you I voted against Trump in the GOP primary because I knew he’d destroy the party and taint conservatism in a way that the ideology would be unlikely to recover (and thus give the left an advantage in the long term that would be hard to counter).
  • I could tell you I voted for Trump because I hated the establishment, but then became disillusioned with him after he assumed office.
  • I could tell you I voted for Clinton because I was a true believer in her and her platform.
  • I could tell you I voted for Clinton because after the parties made their nominations she was the best chance of stopping Trump from gaining power.
  • I could tell you I voted for Sanders because I’m a raging socialist and want to see the downfall of capitalism in America.

Each of these statements provides you with an easy way to categorize and compartmentalize, and then dismiss. I can make it easy for you and tell you which one most closely resembles my actual position, but honestly, what difference would it make? What’s known is I’m critical of Trump, both as a man and as a leader, and consider his brand of egotism and celebrity as more damaging than anything Hollywood pumps out, because he’s just as vapid and self-centered as any denizen of Tinsel Town but he actually holds the most powerful political office in the nation if not the world.

You see him as the messiah.

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Horseshit. That wasn’t the conservative narrative before Trump and you full well know it, unless you’re simple.

“Character matters.”

I think you take unfettered liberties in making presumptions about me and what I think!

So in essence you can’t answer a straight forward question. Gotcha!

What conservative narrative would that be? Please enlighten us!

It’s something I made up completely out of thin air. Disregard, and carry on.

I know because actually putting yourself out there is a pretty scary proposition!

I’ll get back to you after I’ve received my marching orders from the Deep State.

We’re everywhere, you realize. Even in the Oval Office, but that’s Deep Deep State that a lot of people don’t know about. :wink:

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It does. And we all knew that Trump’s character flaws had nothing to do with how he would govern whereas Hillary’s flaws of greed, graft, bribes, support of sexual perversion and infanticide, and pay to play would directly affect the United States.

Call me a hypocrite though… like I fucking care. :rofl:

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You were concerned about greed, graft, bribes, sexual perversion, and pay to play - so much that you knelt at Trump’s feet to make sure the Oval Office was saturated with it. :rofl:

Yeah! I didn’t vote for Trump because of his character, I voted for him because he was the only one to

Call out Media for their “Fake News”
Call out China for their stealing
Call out Clinton for being a criminal
Call out the complicity of the swamp
Call out for renegotiating NAFTA
Call out Comey and the corrupt DOJ
Call out bad trade deals by stupid people
Call out Obama for his treasonous behavior

I could go on an on but you get the point!

Unless you are willing to offer a alternative solution, your bitching means nothing! So did preceding Presidents before him, and the ones before them! And your point is? Convince us who you would vote for that would solve everything that you are against? Otherwise you just another random person on the internet trying to play both sides of the fence!