Everyone is Starting to Hate Climate Snowflakes!

People are getting fed up with the Climate Snowflakes who are interrupting regular people’s commutes to work who decide to pick certain times to attract attention. Some interesting videos here.


Wonder if George is involved somewhere?

David Icke responds to Jonathan Pie.

I enjoy Jonathan Pie’s presentations, but David Icke has a bigger picture. (Not that I agree with him entirely.)

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If I was the motorman, I would have goosed the throttle. YEEHAW. I figure the top of the tunnels would have taken care of the problem. Worth losing the job; and definitely newsworthy.

I thought about having a “go fund me” page so I can develop an engine that runs on liberal hypocrisy, but then I realized the masonic bastards would probably kill me for solving the energy crisis.

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That would cost you more than a job…

You’re right; protests can be costly. “I had a patient die during a transfer last night because our ambulance was stopped by protesters and had to drive an extra 45 minutes around the blocked roads…They can give their f**king safety pins to my patient’s fatherless 4 year old daughter.”----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have not verified this; but a massive group of protesting slugs cannot be dispersed quick enough, if an ambulance only has minutes to get a patient to the ER.

I just watched Jonathan Pie’s stuff.

I know nothing about Pie’s background, but David Icke’s assessment is right. Pie doesn’t dig deeply enough.

The climate hoax is only a part of the agenda.
You gotta know what the agenda is (Agendas 21 and 2030) before you start criticizing either way, for or against the “protest”

Well that’s a whole other deal Jim. If protesters of anything block an ambulance costing someone their life, there should be hell to pay…:flushed:

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I wonder how these lunatics feel about carbon offset credits. I read recently that elites who support these idiots pay these additional credits when they fly around on their private jets. It doesn’t actually offset any of the carbon there producing when they fly, it’s like a guilt tax.

It depends on what they are protesting against.
The French Yellow Vest protest is valid.
But protesting against global warming is too vague and doesn’t even make sense.

No, it’s like money that can be used for R&D towards RE.

Why are you guys always so boorish when it comes to the environment…:roll_eyes:

Do you realize how subjective it is to suggest what a legitimate protest is, and what isn’t?

There are always grey zones, but the Yellow vests started after the ridiculous taxing by the Rothschild flunky Macron.

But when it comes to climate, are you going to protest against the sun?

Besides, a warmer atmosphere with a lot of CO2 is conducive to life on Earth, just like during the Jurassic.

Most rational people don’t equate the concept that the climate can be changed via carbon tax credits based on unproven science.

Equating the environment with climate change is disingenuous.

I don’t know anyone who isn’t for keeping our environment clean. Clean water, clean air, cleaning up the plastics in the oceans for our sea critters, etc.

Your favourite term to use is “Subjective”! The term most used by post modernist when they can’t or are incapable of putting forth any arguments substantiated by facts! That is you to a “T”!! It’s subjective means your talking out of your ass again! :rofl:

Probably not, just fossil fuel emissions and industrial pollutants that end up in our water. When’s the last time you saw diesel cars and pickups bellowing black smoke? Thanks to the perseverance of the few, emission standards and regulations are helping to clean things up.


Internal combustion engines are passé.

Why are they still with us?
Because they are money machines.

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So maybe you can go glue yourself to a bus to protest!