Everyone is Starting to Hate Climate Snowflakes!

Can’t over emphasize that…

Climate Change is the new religion.

The believers must convert or subdue the non-believers.

(now … where have I heard that before ? )

The same authoritarian and bullying environmentalists of today were of the same ilk of the past who pushed plastic! :astonished: They don’t have a good track record, they didn’t know what the hell they were doing back then and they know even less now! :angry:

What do you think “cha-ching” GW is? Governments want to tax citizens to death, literally and private businesses want to sell windmills, solar panels and carbon credit’s for $$$$$, it’s like a global collection plate for the religion of Global Warming!

That’s what governments do.
And that’s exactly why the US was founded. To keep government in check.

Things went sour in the US after Lincoln et al gave equal rights (to participate in politics) to everyone and the Federal Reserve was created to kill the Constitutional US

It’s the same crowd who perpetrate the global warming hoax.

Right? Go to the grocery store these days and ask for paper instead of plastic. The looks I get for the inconvenience is priceless.


You’ll be happy to know that I own a very clean-burning 420 hp sedan that runs on gasoline

No, because you can’t beat a gallon of gasoline or diesel for ease of use and energy delivered. Once they develop batteries so that distance and recharging time are better, electricity will be superior but not quite yet. Then there’s the time it takes for the system to change when there’s a gas station on every corner and a gasoline/diesel car in every garage. Sometimes it’s not a conspiracy.

Indeed, gasoline engine emissions standards have been in place longer than for diesel…:+1:

Many years ago there was a piece in Mad Magazine that said:

You are a genius if
You invent a car that runs on water

You are an idiot if
You think Big Oil will leave you alone

Or something like that. Sadly, the artist was correct in his assessment.

There were others in different countries who invented engines that run on water


Maybe bc they are efficient, viable, economic and they actually work?

We haven’t got enough accurate long term data to come to any conclusions other than the fact we’re repeating a cycle that has been repeating regularly for a million years.

30 years of weather data isn’t climate, it’s weather.

We can’t accurately predict the weather even a week ahead of time so just how the hell is it anyone believes they can predict what the climate will will be like a century from now or more?


True enough.
Electric cars need to be charged, and the electricity has to come from somewhere, be it nuke plant, thermal power plant which burns coal or oil, or hydroelectric dam, which is a terrible destroyer of nature.

Not enough efforts spent on developing other options.
(Or maybe they are already there, but not made available to us.)

Because no technology exists that can replace them at anything resembling affordable prices.

Billions are spent every year looking at more efficient and effective modes of transportation but the laws of physics keep and will always keep holding us back.

Ha. Just like cancer research.
The more they spend, cure and remedy go further away.

Well that’s certainly not true. Many cancers today are curable and most are treatable. Even 20 years ago that was definitely not the case.

I do agree, electric vehicles are the way to go; and ( without a doubt ), serious hydrogen generation. Do not say, hydrogen cannot be generated cheaply & efficiently. 150 years ago, few people believed we could make it to the moon, or send spacecraft into the depths of our galaxy. The big problem is being caught up with instant gratification. It’s all about patience & persistence. Edison did not jump from wax cylinder recording to digital recording overnight; but it did happen eventually; and digital will one day be old school. Serious hydrogen generation would change the world as we know it. Oil & coal have better uses than to be burned.

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The Laws of Physics do not exist in the minds of Liberals. If enough taxpayer $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is dumped into electric vehicle, and alternate energy research, we will all be driving clean cheap electric vehicles overnight; and wind, sun, and waves will power everything on the planet ( for free ). There is also ( although not really a law ), but often realized, is, Diminishing Returns.

Jim, you seem consigned to sucking on a straw stuck in a barrel of finite resource. That epitomizes insanity.

Eventually, whether we’re talking 100 years or 1000 years, the world stops turning if renewables aren’t developed.

What sucks is that something so fundamental to human existence is politicized like every other damn thing. This is not a liberal/conservative issue.