Every Day I Wake Up And Thank My Maker That I'm Not Ammosexual

One of the most egregious examples is the handful of jurisdictions that have deemed gun stores and manufacturers to be “nonessential” and thus ordered to close as part of broader “stay-at-home” orders intended to reduce the spread of the viral contagion.

Get a grip, Snowflake!

Am I the only one who read that as ‘homosexual’?

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Well, if you asked me, I’d say strip joints are far more essential than gun shops…

But that’s probably because I’m a devout heterosexual.

I hope you enjoy waking up one day without the means to protect yourself and your cats. We are counting on the weakness of people like you everywhere. Raiding shitlib concentrated areas will be easy…that is as long as your pet dreamers, illegals, and welfare class slaves don’t get you first.

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I’m 4th dan TKD, and don’t have cats…

If you come raiding at my house, don’t miss…because I can do you some intense damage…

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Make no mistake…all these grocery delivery drivers risking their necks to keep the wealthy liberals well fed and indoors during this shit storm are keeping track of who has what…and how much.


I’m sure your judo chops are going to help you when a few guys kick your door in and start ripping off frangible rounds at you and yours. Your best bet is to leave all you shit on the front porch when this thing pops off.

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Yeah…people who are desperate to take those jobs have been talking about getting stiffed on tips after they make these deliveries too (mainly in wealthy liberal shithole cities). They won’t let that go when the time comes.

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a) I’ll spot you coming

b) I know the layout of my house

c) at close range, your gun won’t save you…cause if I get within 4 feet, you’re a statistic.

Guess you don’t sleep either…ever.

That’s what shotguns are for.

It won’t have too…because at close range there won’t be any threats.

my dogs will know when you’re within 50 feet

Shotgun? I got one of those too…but I’ll probably just use a sand wedge and the pipe wrench…

No threats…just the sound of femurs snapping…

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This is how the mind of a delusional liberal works. They have absolutely no idea what’s in store for them when SHTF. They think some untested martial arts skills are going to protect them when people with military experience and who have been preparing and training for this for years come for a visit.

Have fun when CS canisters get deployed and people with CM-6M masks with NBC filters strut in.

so everyone who marked time driving a deuce and a half is suddenly a hardened warrior?

Go to a mirror…take your shirt off…

Do you look frightening to you?

Now hobble down to your local gym…pick up an 85 lb dumbbell…

Cry for help.

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you mean your Seal Team 6 kit?

Where are you gonna plug in your CPAP?

You make a lot of assumptions there Steven Seagal. That’s cool. It’s your own life and safety you’re risking by being this stupidly overconfident. Keep pressing your weights. I’ll do the same…but will also keep working the ammo press.

There are those of us who prepared…and those of us who didn’t. Fact of life. I’m making a portable flamethrower out of a small fire extinguisher this afternoon. What will you be doing?

Not that…

Read The Recognitions…maybe study some statistics…

Torment half wits on the innertubes…

At least you are doing what most others are doing. Just waiting for the collapse. That’s cool. I certainly appreciate it.

You might want to read the Turner Diaries too. It will help give you some context for how future events will unfold. Very useful information in there.

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It’s amazing how prescient that book was. Literally describes exactly what’s been happening over the past 10 years…and even what’s been going on recently with these power consolidations.

The “System” begins by implementing numerous repressive laws against various forms of hate, by making it a “hate crime” for white people to defend themselves when crimes are committed against them by non-whites even after all weapons have been confiscated, and pushing for new surveillance measures in order to monitor its citizens, such as requiring them to possess a special passport at all times and in all places in order to permanently monitor where individuals are.