Ending Birthright Citizenship

You are claiming a preborn child must obey the laws of the U.S.?


So your saying illegals are NOT subject to our laws?

Correct! They are not fully under the jurisdiction of U.S. law, i.e. illegal alien adult males over the age of 18 years are not subject to our draft.

For all that you oppose about what Trump is trying to do about illegal immigration? I would imagine it is you who is more hurt that Obama turned out to be a more heartless hardass than Trump.

Having said that, I notice you pick and choose what fits with your ideals. So, no big surprise here.

Of course they are subject to our laws.

Kims Chinese parents were subjects of the Chinese Emporer, and had a PERMANENT DOMICIL and RESIDENCE in the U.S. and were there carrying on business and not employed in any DIPLOMATIC or OFFICIAL capacity by the Chinese Emporer.
The Courts majority ruled concluded that Subject to the Jurisdiction thereof acquires U.S. citizenship referred to being required to OBEY U.S. law.
They interpreted the language of the 14th Ammendment in a waythat granted U.S.citizenship to children born of foreigners (known as jus soli) with a limited set of exceptions based on English common law.
The majority opinion was written by Associate Justice Horace Gray and joined by Associate Justices David J. Brewer,Henry B.Brown,George Shiras Jr, Edward Douglass White and Rufus W. Peckham. March 28 1898.
Any clearer???

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Oh brother.

So they are exempt from ONE law? And that makes them NOT under our juristiction? Really?

If an illegal is here and commits aggrivated murder in a state with the death penalty – are they subject to be tried, convicted and put to death?

If an illegal is here and committs a severe enough crime, are they subject to be deported (or for that matter, subject to being deported just for being here illegally)?

Now lets take a diplomate. IF they are involved in an aggrivated murder . . . can they be arrested and tried?

Now lets take a diplomate,. Can we deport them?

Diplomats are NOT under our juristiction. Illegal, legal, resident aliean – ALL under our juristiction.

So they are subject to the juristiction of the Unites States then correct?

Yes, if you’re in the US you’re subject to our laws. Even if you’re just here on vacation.

Lmao, he found one, and we don’t even have a draft…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

The term of art, subject to the jurisdiction thereof, does NOT mean they are exonerated if they murder someone. Scheesch!?

Illegal aliens are still under the jurisdiction of their home nation, subject to their military draft, tax laws, voter eligibility, etc. (Which in the U.S. still requires males over 18 y.o. to register for the draft. again, Scheesch!?)

No they weren’t. They were subjects of the Chinese Emperor and they were never in the US legally.

Yes they are. Every male present in the US has to register for the draft at 18 regardless of citizenship status.

Yes they were. Read the SCOTUS document I posted earlier.

False. Only U.S. citizens must register, anyone on student visa, green card, sojourners do not.


“You’re not just wrong, you’re wrong at the top of your voice.”

If you’re a resident in the US with very few exceptions you must register.

They could not be legal residents because there was no legal way for the Chinese to emigrate to the US.

Wow! I learned something new. My mistake! I certainly did not believe any but citizens were eligible for the draft.

Again, I refer you to the SCOTUS statement re: U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark. They were domiciled in the U.S., I think that means resides. ??