Elizabeth Warren Reveals Her Healthcare for All Plan

IMO, it is most likely barring a last minute entry of Hidebeast in the Presidential race that Warren is going to be the Democratic nomination that will face off against the incumbent President Trump! That being said doing our prudent opposition research is a necessary endeavour to know the devil in the details!

Warren just revealed her plan for Healthcare for all, how she plans to pay for it and it’s a doozy!

Here are some points from the linked article:

Warren said her plan would cost about $52 trillion over 10 years and would provide insurance for every person in America.

The money to fund the proposal would come from existing federal spending on Medicare and Medicaid; existing state spending on health insurance; and existing private-sector employer contributions.

The rest of the money for the $52-trillion plan would come from four sources, Warren claimed: “(1) better enforcement of our existing tax laws so we stop letting people evade their tax obligations; (2) targeted taxes on the financial sector, large corporations, and the top 1% of individuals; (3) my approach to immigration; and (4) shutting down a slush fund for defense spending.”

Elizabeth Warren Unveils $52 Trillion Medicare for All Plan, Including Trillions in New Taxes

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What a joke. No one wants to get raped to death in taxes for shitty government healthcare.

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I think number “3” is pretty telling, “my approach to immigration” statement is how she plans to pay for it. It does explain why immigration reform with Democrats is a no go!

If that sleaze is elected, the fools that voted for her will get a never ending prostate exam in taxes from the Feds. Just stealing from the rich and corporations (the ones that stay…) would never be close to enough.


Gotta be a way to cover the costs; but it’s necessary to be creative. Example ( examples ): all citizens should be required to wear micro breathing monitors, so an air tax can be instituted. This of course will only apply to legal citizens. Also micro fart monitors ( pollution tax ). An endless list of possibilities.

I hope she gets the nomination because she will have to defend this lunacy on the debate stage with Trump - which means she will absolutely get trounced.

Would someone please send Warren a Small Pox Blanket!


And this Woman is running for President! This is just too weird! Too bad the dog doesn’t eat her, it would be poetic justice!:rofl::rofl:

SNL covered it, which was a surprise.

Or maybe the faux president will be too busy defending his promise to eliminate the national debt and run balanced budgets given the fact he is running RECORD deficits and the debt he made SUCH A STINK ABOUT as candidate is up three trillion…:roll_eyes:

That’s what he’ll be defending.

Why? They are equal opportunity critics…

Why would that be a surprise? They made fun of Mrs. Clinton during the last election.

A lot of SNL is shit but the political satire more times than not hits the mark and they hit on both sides its just that now Trump without realizing it writes most of their material for them.

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The sad thing is, her followers will be BRAINWASHED into believing how good of a deal this is, if they aren’t already.
Fat chance of any Meaningful changes to the tax code being enacted by either side, because they don’t want to piss off the donors.

Warren is outside the tent of Clinton! No difference except Hillary is better at hiding it!

Seems there’s plenty on the right that have been “brainwashed” by Trump and his mouthpieces.

The fact that he promised to pay off the national debt and run balanced budgets, yet has added three trillion to the ND by signing RECORD budget deficits, without a shred of criticism, attests to that.

Or perhaps his promise to lock her up or be too busy being your president to ever go golfing on his properties.

That such a charlatan could commit murder, broad daylight, down on 5th and retain your support, attests to this.

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Thread derailing and has nothing to do with the thread topic!

Total take down of Elizabeth Warren!

She is going to take herself down. She doesn’t stand a chance of winning in 2020 and neither to the others.

My best guess is they are all useful idiots there to sow the seeds for 2024.

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My hope is that Bernie peels votes away again, so long as his ticker holds up for the election.

Neither one of them will settle for VP so I highly doubt that they will combine tickets.

Plus - now that Bernie has the Squad backing him up that should turn out the Republican voters in droves. Just this weekend Ilhan Omar was on stage at a Bernie Sanders rally talking about how he will be the president to crush Western imperialism…woah.