Educate a Liberal 🤔

Sorry, it do works aginst the KKK now don’t it?

carn sarn it all dangnabbit!!

I’m at a football game but I look forward to answering you on Sunday!

There really are no rights. If you can’t defend them…:man_shrugging:

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And few educable liberals

Rights are never lost, just abridged by tyrants.


Which is basically my point. If you can’t defend them, you don’t have them. Similarly as Franklin declared, we have delivered to you a constitutional republic, if you can hang on to it.

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Hang on to it by defending your God-given rights by watering the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants.

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As long as you post here you’re 100% correct.

They are subjective, and come from lots of places.

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Explain. Did morals evolve? From where and why?

Yours is a tricky question but here’s the answer that I most agree with. Others will say that morals are determined by some old deity sitting on a throne somewhere in the sky and that’s fine by me also.

At their most basic, moral behaviors, and the precursors that we may see in other species, promote and maintain the social regularity that is essential to successful social groups. In different species, these behaviors may include the adherence to social norms of behavior (i.e., limits on the severity of aggression, respect for possession) and even third party intervention in cases in which norm violations are witnessed by others. Indeed, we should expect behaviors that promote social regularity to be widespread among species.

But a full human morality involves more than maintaining social regularity, and likewise, we see evidence for traits that are more specifically linked to moral behavior, such as a sensitivity to inequity and prosocial behavior, in other species. Regarding the first, many species respond negatively when they receive a less good outcome than a partner, even if their outcome is something that they would typically happily accept. Interestingly, this response is most common in species that routinely cooperate with non-kin, such as in group hunts, territorial defense, or coalitions and alliances. This correlation indicates a phylogenetic link between cooperation and inequity.

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God is not old, nor is He in the sky. You must be thinking about the spaghetti monster.
Morals can ONLY come from a righteous God. You or me deciding what is moral and what is not is insufficient. The religion of evolution may have explanations for physical change over time, but not for doctrines, scientific laws, religions or morals.

P.S. What you should realize is many people love God, just like there must be someone you love. Insulting that person is abhorrent and should not be part of our civil discourse here. You know you ONLY state things like that /\ to be insulting. tsk tsk


Yeah he is a real model citizen here! He has a real thing for disparaging Asians and their culture but he is not racist right? Like most Democrats are?

Sure I do SoyBoi! That’s the name you used to troll TPM isn’t it?

Hate Asians? me? Nope…just you. And I don’t hate you, just feel pity for you.

I guess that’s why I and others returned many times to Vietnam in the nineties to help reestablish and refine agriculture there plus bring in livestock to replace what had been taken from them during the war.

You’re an effing butthurt idiot wee “SoyBoi”

Why not heed the words of @Tyfoon and lay low for awhile?

Buh bye now sweet thang. :laughing:

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Sounds like your projecting! I never trolled the site! Nice of you to make assumptions and you know what they say about making assumptions right? You not only make an ass out of you, but you make a total ass out of yourself!

As far as hate is concerned, imo you are a racist troll! And DMK is right, you got off to a very bad x
start by insulting almost everyone here, yet you now want to do about face on preaching here how civility should be a thing so you can interact with posters with better discourse! One only has to look at your statements to know that you speak on both sides of your mouth and very rarely can offer anything resembling a factual anecdote to being close to the truth. You came here with an agenda to spread more misinformation and lies and is no wonder you become chummy with the in house clown here who plays in your same echo chamber of delusions!

Lastly I don’t hate you either, I just don’t like racist trolls and you simply can’t be trusted. So keep on with your dimwitted unoriginal korny bigoted insults, for doing so only exposes not only your limited mental capabilities but the double standards you so regularly display here!

Yes of course, and are changing all the time. Just right here in America alone the moral values of say the Puritan era compared with that which we see now is quite drastic.

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Such projection!


Don’t take my word for it, others here share the same opinion of you! Keep doubling down your immaturity is being exposed!

So moral values can be redefined as the majority decides? May we kill the Jews you hate so much on a whim? Kristalnacht anniversary just passed, may we burn Jewish businesses if our new morals allow?
You can not win this debate. Morals can never be by majority/mob/human-decided rule and still protect the minority.

Where has @montecresto1 posted his hatred of Jews?

What is this morality that allows the current occupant to deride and defame anyone who challenges him?

Pussy grabbing?

Gold Star families??

Those who have served America with honor and distinction???

Children who only want to make the world a better place for all of us???

Judges with Spanish surnames???

What new morality is this and what is its genesis?