Does Civil War II start in Virginia?

Being sued multiple times. Yes, that is the left’s favorite weapon to silence those they disagree with.

The parents of Sandy Hook are suing him in one instance and who knows their politics. They’re just pissed off having lost their children that the ass wipe AJ was (past tense) claiming the shooting was a hoax. He’s backed way off of that now, having basically admitted to sensationalism…

He didn’t admit to sensationalism. He admitted to considering an alternate theory that was widely speculated at the time.

Actually he admitted to a mental health disorder called psychosis.

But most all rational people already knew he suffered from mental disorders.

The building of Sandy Hook was to be demolished anyway and they used this opportunity to perpetrate the hoax. The kids didn’t die.

I don’t believe that you view anything in life whatsoever outside of your conspiratorial lens.

Virginia County Forms Militia

Boogaloo on the horizon.

Both resolutions call for the elimination of funding to any enforcement of laws that infringe upon the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. Stacy and other board members said a concern that state leaders might cut off funding to the county or remove elected officials who refuse to enforce state law prompted them to pass the militia ordinance.



Dr Henry Makow tweets

Sandy Hook victims all grown up

“Meet your future communist leaders. These girls WILL be rewarded, and have no regrets at all about staging a nation wrecking hoax.”

Same shit that is going on in the state of Colorado and Police already said that they will not enforce the laws that were recently passed there That being said, millionaires have been slowly getting elected to local government positions and changing the states demographics like Colorado, Virginia blue. It is a strategy that is working by changing the demographics of targeted states, and now they are hoping to do the same with Texas. If a civil war is going to happen, it will be a lot sooner than people think, especially if there is any suspicion that elections are being more rigged on the local level that pitts conservatives against the Cultural Bolsheviks especially given what we know now about the outright open corruption of the Democratic party then it will be open season. Trump could be the last Republican president where by then a open rebellion takes place and the dystopian nightmare of tyrannical rule will be in full force while Americans kill each other off.

Last words

Ammo Up! Its coming!

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Why is he smiling in this photo

The video is out there but it’s getting harder and harder to find. Basically, his kid just got shot at Sandy Hook and prior to him walking up to the camera he’s laughing and joking with people. Then when he realizes the cameras are on he goes into sad dad mode. It was absolutely bizarre.

A new development.

If a police team goes to a home and demands the guns, what do they do if they say no? What if they say I don’t have any? The order doesn’t include a search warrant. Another person said they gave the guns to his brother.

The leftists forgot about those little things.

Oh, there is all kinds of things they haven’t thought of that will sure back fire and go wrong for them. Consider a few of collateral damage along the way as in hoping the cops that are being sent to enforce any gun confiscation that they don’t have any young children that will be orphaned.

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Your rights still exist even if they are infringed upon.

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So you’re one that thinks no children died in the Sandy Hook shooting…

You saw the group photo.
No children died.

I can’t confirm those young women are those young children…

You have a point. There is no way of confirming.
Unless if you are a local and know them personally.

But again, they are not likely to talk.

Do you know one of the big reasons why books are good?

Because it saves us the time, effort, money, blood and butt hurt that comes from repeating stuff that is a bad idea and which doesnt work.

If we fail to read, we will be ignorant of what doesnt need to be proven or tried again.

Failing to read leaves us to think that we are smart and inquisitive and bold and common-sensible by trying a NEW thing like gun control.

Well, gun control HAS been tried before and it has been proven NOT to work.

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