Does Civil War II start in Virginia?

My intention is not to endorse this guy but to get sound PB takes on him. He does focus in on a stark reality. Virginia just flipped to the left from non-white immigration. They are cranking up the rhetoric and legislation to take away arms. Sactuary 2ndAmendment counties are forming and sheriffs, for now , are growing nuts. This is the “electoral winter” thing manifesting itself as a kind of “shit hole flag ship” case hearkening of the new america coming at us?

Whether this guy is a shill notwithstanding, do you see any cracks in Mr Helmet’s analysis?


They’ll just make the guns illegal, do a period for a buy back, and then arrests will happen sporadically. This will keep people from organizing into any meaningful resistance. Some county police won’t even enforce the laws, most probably will only enforce them when the person was found to commit another felony, or if he was discovered to have mean posted online.

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So far this is a really good video. He’s absolutely right too. Virginia is now a shining example of how fractured our society has become due to all of this insane immigration. He described it as two different countries and peoples living in the same state. This is my multiculturalism doesn’t work.


I saw some videos out of these second amendment sanctuary meetings. These boomers were openly talking about redacting things. Like if any person on this board said shit like what these boomers are saying you would be in jail.

These laws are going to pass, the question is if the Governor and the State Police are going to actually try to enforce them.

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that speech by Ghomert was pretty exciting stuff, we have reps of congress calling for civil war so…who knows. Pretty exciting stuff. You know I was worried we would not have an organizational structure from which to rebel, the south had full states, I see our organizational structure beginning as counties, they just need to secede before they start shoving muds down their throats.

But they can’t take away inalienable rights… Or so I’m told…:rofl:


And in what manner? And by whom? Will the Governor in cooperation with military and or other law enforcement (deep state) agencies bring in “citizens” (brown, black, other) from other areas to end this “existential threat” on our nation?

If they tried block by block word would get around. I knew a vet with tours in Iraq and he had to do civilian house sweeps.

He said the amount of resources and planning were huge just to clear a couple towns of high strategic importance and with comparatively much less armed targets.

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I hate it if this is news, but there’s a whole lot of plain old white natural born American citizens that support gun bans and its growing, and its caused by the frequency of mass shootings, and particularly school shootings taking the lives of the most innocent amongst us.

And it really is a matter of frustration more than practicality.

Some random dead kids don’t justify taking away the right of Americans to arm themselves.

Well despite the callousness of that comment and the fact that they must just be random because they haven’t been any of your kids yet, I made the point in my post that practicality or not, people are growing increasingly frustrated.

Point being is that people are more interested in preventing anymore of our children from getting killed than they are about taking your guns away. But if you guys spent as much time working on a solution to the crisis as you do bitching about other people’s idea of a solution and solved the problem by some other means, then any suggestions of gun bans would disappear.

Do you mean fake school shootings?

Can you say “Deep State”?
In cahoots with the media?

Replace “terrorist threat” in the diagram with “shootings”

Bottom line:

No, not really, I can’t. And even Alex Jones has backed away from those conspiracies.

Just as people are getting frustrated by lunatic gun grabbers who want to take away people’s constitutional rights because of muh feels.

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Well, that may be true, and you can dismiss the killing of children by referring to them as random kids, but as this very thread depicts, more and more people are pissed and fed up with the senseless murder of children and their fellow Americans when they’re out to eat, at a bar, a shopping mall, a movie theater, a concert, or even huddled in prayer at church. And I predict, as I have all along, that these cry’s grow louder and louder and your numbers become increasingly the minority…

Keep dreaming. Mass shootings are incredibly rare. The amount of people who own firearms aren’t going to give them up willingly. The state will need to come and take it.

There’s no telling what percentage of gun owners would surrender them, neither of us know that, but certainly some would, and the rest would be in for a ride…

What ride, may I ask?
On a band wagon? I don’t think so.

As for Alex Jones, his views and expressions changed over the years and it’s natural.

You must seriously think that the American people are a bunch of cowards.

If liberals don’t want to own guns then they don’t have to own guns. But they aren’t going to take guns away from people who want to own them.

If you watched the video in this thread a lot of the points that you are trying to make are already addressed.

Yeah, being sued multiple times can do that to you…

Nothing ever lasts forever and the only constant is change. And attitudes towards gun ownership in America certainly are not what they were a century ago.