Do Not Hire White People!
Just how racist can you be to suggest that only people of color should analyse and monitor facial recognition computer software.


Is this going the direction of Zimbabwe? Will there be land grab from whites next?

Detroit is a special place the former black mayos bankrupted. A vibrant city with over 1.6 million people reduced to 600K. Blocks of homes bulldozed and returned to urban garden status.

p.s. Lots of land for virtually nothing already.

Mayor Dave Bing is trying to save Detroit by offering incentives to lure residents back to abandoned neighborhoods.

One program offers $150,000 in housing renovation money and requiring only $1,000 down to police officerswho are willing to relocate to the city. Another offers college graduates$2,500 to rent and $20,000 forgivable loan to buy properties.

Potential home buyers can choose from plenty of cheap or free homes, especially in the blighted neighborhoods of Woodward Ave. and Brush Park.


OMG! Is it that bad?

That video was difficult to watch. Her response of “but it does matter” after the Police Chief insists on the quality of the training made her sound just like an arrogant teenager with an ignorant mindset that doesn’t listen to logic or reason.

In addition to Tlaib being blatantly racist, she took an oath to defend the Constitution. What she is saying here is in direct conflict with the 14th Amendment.

Great Photos! I will have to do more research on the history of Detroit.

She belongs in Gitmo, not Congress.


Rashida Tlaib is the symptom of the real problem, which is the importing of mass numbers of people who hate us and then wondering why people who hate us act this way. Tlaib is the inevitable result of pretending that the magic soil of North America can turn anyone into an American.


Can you imagine if an employer said that? They’d be sued faster than they could blink.

The sad demise of Flint Michigan! Flint used to be a great town which should be a case study to exemplify how liberal democrats ruin everything anywhere they go!

Talib is the poster child of liberal Democrats! They are buttface ugly and she looks like she got beat extra hard with the ugly stick!

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This is the policy for the last 20 years for police , firefighters , and government work .

Flint followed the Detroit model.

Is this thread about Detroit in general or the comments made be Congresswoman Tlaib? Kindly please stop the derailment. I have read your posts in other threads complaining about thread derailment, yet you seem to not mind doing it yourself. Let’s ALL be part of the solution!

I’ve deleted the information on Detroit.

Always better to believe she’s an anomaly and doesn’t follow the pattern of corruption that permits the local politics.

People are beyond stupid with their head in the sand.

I know what Congresswoman Tlaib said may make some people uncomfortable, but she’s absolutely right.

The AI software in question is flawed and does not accurately identify people of color. Furthermore, if the police department is going to insist on using the flawed software, then they should make sure that the people who have to sort through the errors are the most qualified to discern the slightest differences in people of color. Sorry - but that is a job white people just aren’t capable of doing for obvious reasons. It’s uncomfortable to talk about but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Do you have non partisan data to back up that assertion?

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To your point, I am glad to see leftists finally acknowledging that “people of color” are the ones committing the majority of the crimes. Remember, you need a good sample size to quantify error rates :wink:

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