Do Americans Have Evil Demons?

The Japanese do not buy American cars, what, you think they are stupid? Americans buy millions of Japanese cars, sending trillions of dollars to Japan, stupid, right? Everything in Japan is new and exciting, while our country is crumbling down, and boring. How can the Japanese do all this? The Japanese can do all this because we send them the money like nuts-os. There is no need to buy Japanese cars, American cars are now very good. But why would Americans do this? Is there something wrong with our minds? How can vast numbers do all these stupid things? Answer: Demons! Spiritual demons have invaded the minds of Americans. Ok, ok, you are going to say that is nuts, but you give me a good reason why Americans would work against themselves so vehemently. You can’t give me a good reason, can you. I’m telling you, it’s demons. The Japanese have car manufacturing plants in America, but America does not have car manufacturing plants in Japan, this is a conspiracy between the Japanese government and the American government and the automobile dealers of America. The Japanese know Americans are fools, but they don’t know why.

Please explain what automotive manufacturing has to do with having “evil demons” in America.

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American cars were manufactured in Japan for a while, but nobody wanted to buy them. So the plants had to be closed.

All the money Japan made — supposedly — by exporting stuff to the US had to be converted to US bonds and Japan is not allowed to cash and get rid of it, waiting for it to become worthless soon.

That’s how real colonialism works. Japan and Germany were turned into colonies as of 1945. German exports, on the other hand, were converted to gold but it was not allowed to leave the US. Which choice is better?

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Do you not realize that a shitload of Japanese cars are made in America?

Yes we have our evil demons , the Bidet Admin, the Clinton’s and “Progressives”.


Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans assembled in Ohio, KY, TN etc. use quite a bit of components made in America by American suppliers and manufacturers.

Needless to say, these assembly plants and local (and not so local) suppliers in the US employ Americans.

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Add Monty to that list . :poop: :clown_face: :poop: :clown_face:

LOL, the Chinese improved on the Japanese model.

The US imports Chinese made goods and exported our middle class dollars (manufacturing) to China. The US has a massive trade imbalance with China of over 600 billion a year.


The whole world should stop doing business with the Chinese

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Do you not realize the profits from the manufactured vehicles are returned to the company, a Japanese, German, Italian company?

Th foreign manufactures figured it pout pretty quickly, they can assemble the vehicles in the US and wit the assembly cost, labor, materials, facilities off their income taxes.

Americans are stupid enough to buy their autos exporting US dollars.

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The US was stupid enough to give them our technology in return for initially cheap goods.

We made our own competition.

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I know you mean in terms of helping them industrialize but the sneaky little bastards keep stealing military technology without being punished and now we have find out they are to friendly with one of you generals China is out of control

That is correct. In fact, all US wealth was a result of destroying all its competitors industries during the war (WWII). The US didn’t have competition following the war which is why the 50’s, 60’s, and up until the 80’s manufacturing was a boon for America, but slowly but surely Germany and Japan have bounced back and are now reaping the benefits, also add China to that mix and its leaving America with the debt.

Now onto those Evil demons? Yes the US has plenty of them.

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Pretty easy for them to “steal” military technology when Joe Biden leaves billions of dollars of said technology in Afghanistan - which China can easily cross in to.

Or if you believe the Military equipment left behind is already obsolete and it wont matter anyway. I like to believe the latter but unfortunately we will be at war with China soon. A contrived war of course.

The US had been equipping the Afghan security forces with our technology via our weaponry for 20 years and they ran away and abandoned it all….:roll_eyes:

Blackhawk Helicopters are far from obsolete.

Not if you have a new one coming out that completely changes the playing field.

LOL, we leave billions in arms and technology in Afghanistan for China and Russia to dissect and improve their arms.

Spin it any way you want, it was stupid to leave functional arms in the hands of the Taliban.