Did Israel try to nuke Hawaii in 2018?

Israel received dolphin class submarines from Germany capable launching nuke missiles.
No. North Korea wouldn’t attack Hawaii, because it means instant death for the country.

Of course this guy is making it look facetious but it was dead serious.

There were witness accounts of huge explosions off Hawaii, so the US successfully intercepted the attack.

Bottom line: the only country that benefits from a nuke exchange across the Pacific is Israel. Cui bono?

Yet another completely baseless slander/fabrication.

Yes, it’s slander against the honest guy who pushed the alarm button.

Quit making up BS to cover your last pile of BS. You’re like a prairie dog trying to dig a hole in a manure pile flinging it everywhere and just getting deeper and deeper into shit.

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Only if Israel hadn’t tried to nuke Hawaii, you would get an ignoble prize in poetry.

When you can support your charge with actual evidence by all means do so.

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Let’s start with this. The Dolphin class sub has a maximum range of only about 2,800 miles and would have had to travel about 5x that distance to get into firing position to appear to be launching a missile from NK.

Such a launch would have also been detected by the UK, US, USSR, China, Japan, and S. Korea so entertain us with your explanation as to how they pulled it off without being detected.

Be sure and provide the evidence to support your explanation.

The cruise missiles have a range of at least 1,500 km (930 mi)[7] and are widely believed[8][9] to be equipped with a 200 kiloton nuclear warheadcontaining up to 6 kilograms (13 lb) of plutonium.[10][11] The latter, if true, would provide Israel with an offshore nuclear second strikecapability.[12][13][14][15]

Even if a Red Sea or Indian Ocean base is unavailable other nations have used submarine tenders, ships that resupply, rearm, and refuel submarines at sea, when nearby friendly bases are unavailable.

Israel was fully capable of nuking Hawaii as a North Korean false flag.
But now Israel has one less dolphin.

There was no cruise missile or ballistic missile launch detected by any of the major powers that would have detected such a launch.

Israel has no submarine tenders, and any 15,000 mile trip by one of their subs would have required numerous fuel and supply stops, none of which were recorded. No Israeli subs put into any foreign ports within 10,000 plus miles of where the missile would have to be launched from.

You’re making up more ridiculous bullshit to cover for the last steaming pile you left smelling up the thread and it’s laughable.

It was detected in Hawaii and caused a major panic there.

Ha? Israel has no ships pretending to be commercial vessels?

Only Israel can nuke Hawaii and get away with it, thanks to shabbos goys in America.

No missile launch relative to the event was ever detected period by anyone. Again you’re just flinging crap at the wall desperately hoping something will stick and making a complete fool of yourself.

More BS without a single verifiable fact to support it.

Wait a minute.
The video is nearly one hour long.
And you’re calling it BS in 2 seconds?
Something is very, very fishy.

He makes all of his claims in the first five minutes and six minutes in he admits he has no proof to back up his claims.

And the witness account who saw a missile explosion?

Actually there were few posted on youtube but shobbos goys don’t want you to see them.

There are no documented witness accounts or radar tracks on either civilian or military radar recording such an event.

More unsourced crap, thanks for the click bait.

Well, don’t click.
Do your research. You’ll find that your beloved Israel did launch a nuke missile against an American State.