Dems now openly push to pack the SCOTUS

Tyranny, anyone?

With these Democrats there may be a few more Justices found dead with pillows over their faces yet.

Neither of these candidates will have a chance in winning the Presidency once the field is thinned out! In order for their strategy to work they would have to win in 2020, as Ginsberg will probably not survive the next 4 years. Trump now has a majority of conservative appointments in all the courts, and he won’t be done adding more until he leaves office!

It’s becoming pretty obvious that the next election they win, will be the last election.

I hope they don’t do this… Monumentally stupid and sends the wrong message.

This is why it saddens me that we didn’t pick up couple more senate seats in 2018. 2020 election isn’t going to be favorable for repugs. Even thou most of them are in safe states to maintain their seats.

It all going to depends on voters turnout in support of Trump. Also those moderate district where we lost the house needs to flip. If economy is strong, and Trump support continues inching up he can bring in a new wave of repugs to the house.

This is why crazy Muslim woman and libs new princess from NY scares the party of Nancy, their rhetoric are hurting moderates.

That’s not going to stop em thou.

Why do they care what message it sends? It is increasingly obvious they don’t think they’ll ever have to worry about someone on the right ever winning the Presidency again if they manage to win in 2020. I don’t think either the left or the millions of new voters they will import will give a damn if they pack the court as just one step on the road to socialist tyranny.

Good read here of what will happen if democrats get control of congress and the Presidency.

To summarize, pack the supreme court, do away with the legislative filibuster, break California up into six states, give statehood to DC and Puerto Rico. Gun ban and confiscation. Once that’s accomplished, socialist tyranny is a piece of cake.


Yeah…like they haven’t been fighting dirty after all theses decades that I can remember.

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Let’s just get the civil war started already.

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If they continue down this path… they clearly don’t care. I am expressing that in my opinion, it sends a bad message.

I agree. They only do this if they assume that republicans won’t win again and retaliate in some way. It’s shortsighted

Sigh… you have a knack for being very coherent then throwing in some compete, unsubstantiated, bullshit in the middle. I don’t understand the motivation… but carry on. (I am specific talking about the “millions of imported votes”)

Its not! He is being realistic in what the future will look like if Democrats take control! We already seen it during Obama, and they haven’t given up the objective of instituting a socialist Tyranny! Get your thinking cap boy, and bend over, cause if it happens you going to need some good KY to soften the sandpaper on your ass!

You first brah!

I wonder if all those bullets DHS was buying during the Obama years is actually what its for!

Are you claiming democrats don’t plan to allow millions of new immigrants and give citizenship to millions of illegals?

Trump Court Picks Is Why I Voted For Him
No Matter What Else Happens
If He Gets This Done
It’s A Successful Presidency To Me


If RBG drops then Trump will seal the deal for generations. We will be able to counteract that treasonous SOB Roberts. That’s why Dems want to add more Justices. They can’t play by the rules of the game when they are losing.

It’s Very Difficult To Defeat An Incumbent President Running For Re-Election
Go Ahead And Investigate Themselves Blue In The Face
And Better Find A Candidate That Doesn’t Sound Like A Plebe
Just Remember How Kavanaugh Was “Investigated”

I Hope Those Braying Ninnies
Cortez, Tlaib, And Omar Stay Out There
And Bring Out Biden Too !!

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HA !!
Did You See Where Beto Says
100’s Of Millions Will Soon Flood America
If We Don’t Stop Global Warming Now
But He Wants To Tear Down What Wall We DO Have ??

This Bozo Is Running For Prez !!

They Learned It From FDR
That’s Why We Have 9 Now

So Democrats want to stack the court? If I’m Trump, I come out and say “I think this is a wonderful idea so today, I’m nominating 10 additional SC justices. Since Democrats are on board, this will be a bi-partisan issue that should fly though the approval process and give us additional SC members.”

When they push back, bring it up in the debates… well, we tried but you want LEFTIST judges because you’re losing and want to change the rules in the middle of the game.