Democrats judiciary committee: rise of white nationalist, but blacks continue to die in towns run by dems

Why are democrats so uninterested in blacks dying every week, and the speech that contributes to it… but wat to declare war or white People who TALK LIKE BLACK PEOPLE LOL

So frustrated with democrats.


Such a threat to our nation, their big show, consisted of around 500 people at it’s peak, how will we ever manage to beat them?

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I think they mean white people have had it with being used as the scapegoat for all that’s wrong in the US. These are things we were never supposed to speak up about. Oh well. I’m a racist white nationalist now.

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They will shut down any any all sites with white conservatives if this goes thru…

That would be a violation of First Amendment rights. They can’t do that and they won’t do that.

Like democrats care about the bill of rights ha … Facebook said they are shutting for “ white nationalist “
A democrat things any one who is conservative a white nationalist… doesn’t look good

Facebook is a private company. They can kick anyone off of their site for any reason whatsoever. The best way to avoid getting kicked off Facebook is to stop using Facebook. That’s why sites like this exist. If people actually cared about free speech they would be prompting their friends and family to join us here so that way our collective views can’t be silenced - unfortunately most people are too lazy or stupid to do that so here we are - they would rather act surprised when a known leftist platform (FB, Insta, Twitter, etc) bans them for conservative speech.

We’ve seen stupid leftists call black people white nationalists. They are just stupid and no one takes them seriously.

We all know that Congress can’t get anything done. What makes you think they would actually be able to get this done? What you’re seeing is virtue signaling and nothing more.

I don’t care if you deleted it or not it’s a huge platform that people use for information, and if we cant respond to fake news our kids will be dem voting machines.

Congress needs to regulate this monopoly. And protect free speech. It has become a online public square.

Those two things don’t belong in the same sentence. You want regulation to protect freedom? That’s not how that works.

No one has to use Facebook. The younger generations are completely avoiding it anyway. Everyone’s on TickTok now. The older generations need to get off Facebook and stop complaining about it. At the very least they should stop talking politics on Facebook. I just think it’s stupid that people act surprised or shocked when they get banned for being conservative on a liberal platform.

This, you no longer have a full compliment of individual property rights when you open your business to the general public, ask a Christian baker if you don’t believe it. We don’t allow private businesses to trample on the fourteenth and we shouldn’t allow them to trample on the first either.

Apples and oranges. The customer doesn’t bake the cake, the baker does. If I’m remembering right the decision of the baker to refuse business was upheld by the Supreme Court. Right?

When it comes to Facebook - or even this platform - we are all creators of content. We don’t order content here we make it. If the content we make is incompatible with the platform then the platform has a right to get rid of it. I think it’s bullshit but I would rather have it that way than have the government making those determinations.

See the following ruling

Brief Fact Summary. Students wanted to distribute literature at a large shopping center, but the owners wanted to deny them access to the property.

Synopsis of Rule of Law. A state law which requires owners of large shopping enters to allow members of the public to enter their property to distribute petitions does not constitute a taking of property, even though the law limits the property owner’s right to exclude others from its property.

I didn’t get to see the live hearing but I hope that they talked about Jussie Smollett and his racist white attackers who are still at large. How can they talk about white supremacy without talking about getting justice for Jussie.

Candace Owens absolutely destroyed racist Democrats at their own hearing today!


Full Committee Hearing on Criminalizing Nationalism for White People

Pretty ballsy move after the whole Jussie Smollet hoax got blown the fuck out. They shouldn’t be making it this easy to redpill my friends and acquaintances. I used to have to argue for hours, cite statistics, show graphs, strap them to chairs with the little clockwork orange eye clamps and make them watch TGSNT. You know, that kind of shit. Now I just have to point at these clowns and say “look at this asshole”, and they do my job for me. Shameful.

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There is actually no delegated power given the federal to require non-State actors living and doing business among the several States to respect federal civil rights.

Things which merely affect commerce but are not commerce among the several States are likewise things the federal has no delegated power to regulate.

We need to throw FDR, his Court, and what has been built on them on the trash heap of history and restore governance by constitutional means.


>white people lash out because they are censored



The exploding Hispanic population is making the Black community very nervous. Blacks are no longer the little pets of the Democratic party, and honestly they have no one to look after and protect them in a society full of their superiors. It’s all downhill from here for them if they can’t find a way to segregate or balkanize to physically get away from non-Blacks who are tired of their presence.

You’re hearing it here first: The race war will be kicked off between Blacks and Hispanics. No doubt in my mind. The vast majority of Whites are too cucked or docile to kick anything off, but I’m assuming that will change when their neighborhoods are filled with starving, machete-wielding subhumans. Just think of all the benefits of pushing for more racial tension between Blacks and Hispanics. It’ll be like free entertainment until SHTF.


I watched about 30 minutes of blacks rambling in that shitshow. Here was the synopsis:


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