Democrats judiciary committee: rise of white nationalist, but blacks continue to die in towns run by dems

Reminder that blacks are noticing two things:

  1. Dems have ditched them for Mexis/Muzzies/32Genders and they still want gibs
  2. ■■■■ arent white

It’s making a pretty big dent in how they vote (when they do)

Also a lot of them remember Trump being the biggest dick swinging baller white fucker ever.

If he can make them laugh with his tweets and speeches they’ll start flocking to him like they have been more and more.

Also - the following proves @REKT right:


Ted Lieu Beatdown

Candice Owens oblerated the Democratic party and I guess the Washington post had to put out their hit piece!

Kudos to Owens for saying what had to be said about the truth of the Democratic party!

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…and her words go into the Congressional Record.


Regulate to protect freedom? Is that like fucking for virginity or declaring war to keep the peace?

Public accommodation laws are inherently unconstitutional as well. And we wonder why this country has fallen so far from when it was conceived.

More context of Tom the d-bag Lieu. This is the Candace Owens clip with more of what happened.

More context and well articulated. Democrats are exposed!

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I suppose I’m a white nationalist myself

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Anyone who is white, conservative, and doesn’t believe they should be politically trampled over BECAUSE of their race is now a white nationalist.

Hank Johnson looked pisseed haha


It’s become a term for anyone who isn’t on board with mass migration of Muslims, who wants to not have international Federation, who doesn’t care for the man made climate shakedown and who isn’t some latter day version of Eco / Fascist / Socialist / Nondairy-Eating-Surrender Monkey.

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This is the USA. We have mostly white people here. This is our nation. Yet, white nationalism is taboo and evil? What a strange time we live in. The brainwashing is real - it’s actually ok to be a white person. :sunglasses:


We also have some black nationalists, some Asian nationalists, some Hispanic nationalists…

Any citizen that lives here and loves our constitution and our way of life is a US Nationalist. Many have died in wars defending our nation and democratic freedom around the world.


If you’re white, you can’t be this…

White nationalism in the minds of the Left only requires you to be for American Nationalism.

Amen, asaratis.

Too many are buying into this “white” thing. They are being sucked in by it just as the democrats planned. I almost see them rubbing their hands together in glee that it is working.

Americans are Americans no matter what color if they love our constitution and want to preserve our way of life. What would be best is to remember that and pull together rather than let the democratic hate machine pull us apart.