Democrats and Immigration Hypocrisy



I wonder why this isn’t making the rounds in more viral fashion?


The problem with illegal immigration is it affects different areas of the country differently.

In areas where there are few illegals people don’t perceive illegal immigration/asylum the new way to get in, as a major problem.

In other areas, the west where we have dual language problems, poor schools as they struggle to educate non english speakers, high healthcare costs as er’s struggle with caring for illegals, stagnant wages, etc., it’s a problem.

Dearborn, Michigan has ben pretty much vacated by the local residents and is now a Muslim city. The remaining local residents perceive asylum as a major problem yet few care.


It doesn’t fit the mantra of no walls.

They panda to their progressive bas and the lie that the border is safe and illegal immigration isn’t a problem.


I can’t imagine there are many places left in America where blue collar wages aren’t impacted by illegals. They’re here in my small town in Ohio doing landscaping, construction, roofing and agricultural work as an example.


Are they do all those things in addition to residential construction, commercial construction, road construction, retail, fast food, handyman work, painting, roofing as well as other work places. So far they haven’t impacted white collar jobs.

And no one seems to care.


I assume three things when a Democrat politician speak

  1. they are lying

  2. they will change their minds once the polls come out that supports whatever position is in fashion today

  3. being hypocritical is a badge of honor to these bastards.



Looks like Trump will have to act first!


The founders were correct, a “Free and Independent Press” is essential to protect liberty.

We no longer have an independent press. The overwhelming majority of those in the press today are nothing but propagandists working in concert with one one party.


Trump can put that in Pelosi’s lap by going on the stump as their defender demanding that if Democrats won’t give in she should immediately pass a bill in the house to ensure prompt payment to the workers who are temporarily laid off.


The bill can’t stand legally as it conflicts with existing law and constitutionally since the POTUS is the Commander in Chief.

There’s also no way it could pass in the senate.

Thinking democrats won’t even vote for such a bill as republicans would use the same tactics in the future to tie the hands of democratic presidents.


I really hope so! Of course the theater of it is more what I expect from Democrats to appeal to their base with such an introduction of this bill! Another NY liberal and shows the rest of the country the hole they so dig deeper as I can’t see in anyway how this will work to their advantage. But hey, this is the fight we all were expecting, and Trump is standing firm!


It is and we’ll see a lot more of it just like the 67 times republicans voted to repeal Obamacare while Obama was in office and suddenly couldn’t put a bill together after Trump was elected.


Well if you scroll up to an earlier post on this thread I explained why.


There are some independent press that are committed to reporting the facts! They are just not mainstream like legacy media is that gets access rent free into every home!


Maybe if they were lawyers and politicians something would get done about it.


The White House has just Updated their website to include a Immigration page!


Video of construction on the WALL in progress


This is the kind of abuse that Americans are fed up with! Also a big reason why they want to stop Illegal immigration!


Surely that can’t be correct. I’ve been told for years illegals are ineligible for benefits from the government. I mean it’s not like they’re coming over and having as many kids as they can and their kids are then eligible or anything, right?