Dark Theme or Light Theme?

I wanted to conduct a brief poll regarding user theme preference. By default, I have our dark theme enabled. However, a light theme can be selected by users in their profile settings in the interface section. What do you prefer?

  • Dark Theme
  • Light Theme

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I find darker theme to be easier on my eyes when wearing eyeglasses. Less glare.

Hope this helps. Thanks.


I use the light theme because I’m mostly on during the day and then I switch to dark at night.

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Can we get a Yang theme please?

If there is strong enough demand for a Yang theme, I’ll make one. I would need all of the color codes and examples from you though.

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I was thinking something more like this. We want some vibrant color themes to reflect the hope and optimism of a new day + $1000.

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Did you make that @asaratis?

I added the vibrant colors to the face that reflects the hope and optimism of a new day. :rofl:


How about we make a /pol/ color theme?

Dark theme or at least an option for it please.

Question. Does one or the other use more power?

Only in your computer display.

Tbh I like the dark theme more. The red and black color combo looks great. To me at least.

What about phone battery

It takes more energy to turn on a light source than to leave it dark. I’m just guessing the bright screen costs more than the dark screen.

I have seen my laptop dim when the battery gets low…to conserve power. I think it’s called the Power Save mode or something like that. It dims only if the power cord is unplugged…and reminds me that the battery is getting low. When I plug in the power cord, the screen brightens back to normal setting.

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@Patriot you are awesome man - I was messing around with light and dark and saw a “pol - test” theme.


That is very much a work in progress - the summer theme I had been working on will probably be the pol color scheme.