Daniel Pantaleo, NYPD Officer Who Held Eric Garner in Chokehold, Is Fired

It’s unfortunate for the criminal that he resisted arrest, but it’s clear that chokeholds should not be used. Police should go straight for their side arms whenever their lives are endanged by criminals.

This was nothing but a leftist witch hunt and a response to the political pressure created by the outrage mob.

This police officer should never have been fired. He was never found guilty of anything.


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I don’t think he resisted arrest. I’m going by memory of the video. You know the guy’s crime was selling a single cigarette illegally right?

Daniel Panteleo shouldn’t just be fired. He should lose his entire pension. In fact, his pension should be given to the Garner Family especially since he won’t be facing any actual jail time which is what all murderers whether they have a badge or not should face in this country.

You have to be kidding . SMH :roll_eyes:

Eric Garner was a 500 pound retard, who was at death’s door, and chose to resist arrest. His whole family were lifelong welfare parasites. The police were responding to a complaint, from the business he was loitering outside of, scaring their customers away. Pantaleo was using the force necessary to make the arrest.


The NYPD has known these whole 5 years that he used a banned maneuver on Eric that led to his death. The firing is five years late.

Yeah, I don’t think it rises to the level of murder.

Too much KFC and grape soda killed that fat cow. The police officer should have been given a medal for cleaning up the streets and saving the tax payers millions of dollars in decades of public assistance and obesity related healthcare costs.

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“Eric” First name? Tells us everything we need to know about how you view this.

I guess the industry of ‘Thug Life’ Insurance marches on.

It is only a “banned” maneuver if it induces suffocation. Just because that fat piece of shit was screaming that he couldn’t breathe doesn’t mean he was suffocating. In fact, if you are screaming and yelling you are in fact breathing.

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There could have been an another way to control him. I know smary comments like give him KFC or watermelon to eat are coming. It was still excessive. The family is 6 million dollars richer becsuse of this.

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And you guys wonder why you’re always viewed as racists…:man_shrugging:

Not sure what that means, should I have used his last name?

Actually all chokeholds are banned.

he didn’t die of suffocation. At no point was his air cut off until he went into cardiac arrest and died.

Another cop sacrificed in the name of race reparations and political correctness.

Garner is dead for two reasons, he was a medical ticking time bomb and he resisted arrest.


You need to refresh your memory.

He was selling cigarettes illegally and trespassing. If you don’t like the laws, change them, don’t blame the cops for actually enforcing the laws that are on the books.

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And indeed are required to since 1993.

Chief Timoney said the city policy specifically did not distinguish between various types of holds, but rather banned them categorically. It also prohibited other restraints or tactics – like standing on a suspect’s chest or transporting a suspect in a face-down position – which might impede breathing.

“Basically, stay the hell away from the neck,” he said. “That’s what it says.”


Hmmm. should have tased him- but then if his fat clogged heart gave out, the Cong. Black Caucus would have invented some other silly slogan to chant- maybe while pretending to thrash around… would have been quite the display though.

There is an old principle in ambulance chaser, er, tort law: ‘but for’ - you look at the initial action that ultimately results in the final action. A bit of Rube Goldberg, but the initial action was Garner refusing to comply, the final action was his dying of an asthma attack.

Now the calculus has changed, it is:
(initial event) divided by victimhood culture
multiplied by level of color patronizing (darker is greater)
squared by available vulture signaling (one’s loud pity and false empathy surrounding the death of another, especially death by misadventure)
finally, an inverse logarithmic scale is applied to the person’s value to society vs. how much money the family of ner-do-wells gets from a jury of 12 people mildly retarded by exposure to long tirades by ‘experts’ suggesting this was all due to racism, and that not giving the family the ‘thug life lotto’ win makes one ‘racist’.

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