Dallas Will No Longer Prosecute Thefts Under $750 to Help Blacks and Hispanics


"As demographic change sweeps away Anglo-rule from Texas, the erosion of the Anglo-American heritage of the judicial system is swift.

Black Dallas District Attorney John Creuzot, who ran on a platform of ending mass incarceration (i.e. stopping police from arresting black and brown criminals) has now introduced sweeping reforms to stop police Dallas County from prosecuting theft of personal items worth less than $750.

All to help “people of color and people who are poor” from going to jail. [Dallas DA reveals plan for ‘ending mass incarceration’ for petty crimes, slashing probation and bail, Dallas News, April 11, 2019]:"

Dallas County will move away from “criminalizing poverty,” District Attorney John Creuzot announced Thursday, outlining a reform plan to decriminalize low-level crimes and decrease the use of excessive probation and bail.

In an open letter to the public, Creuzot detailed his plan to curb overly high bail amounts and stop prosecuting most first-time marijuana offenses and some misdemeanors that he believes often stem from poverty.

“When I ran to become your district attorney, I promised you that I would bring changes to our criminal justice system,” Creuzot wrote in the letter. “The changes that I promised will be a step forward in ending mass incarceration in Dallas County, and will make our community safer by ensuring that our limited resources are spent where they can do the most good.”

In a news release, Creuzot’s office called the changes “data-driven” instead of influenced by race or financial standing.

Creuzot’s plan would initiate sweeping changes to the county’s probation and bail policies, both of which he says have often been used imprudently."



America is a Third World Country


Uhhh, that’s a high enough amount for them to be looking the other way over gun thefts. If they were truly concerned about poverty related theft, it would be a really small amount like 30 bucks and under so that people won’t be prosecuted for stealing food and stuff if they end up stealing in desperation for a meal.

So I can go to Wal-Mart and steal a 300 dollar shotgun and a 400 dollar TV and I won’t even be charged? Holy fuck Dallas.


At least this is concrete admission by an elected official that blacks and hispanics are nothing but thieves and criminals.

$750 a day is a pretty good haul.

All firearm thefts are felonies.

This won’t last long. Businesses will immediately start threatening to slam their doors.

Since by intent and announcement this program is racist the justice department should immediately go to federal court and shut it down.

Wow , blacks get another pass . What about the people out the $750 ? tough shit I guess . Liberals and their stupid ideas .

That our violent crime rate fell dramatically over the last forty years and that Democrats near monopoly on congress ended forty years ago, is no coincidence.

Whatever happened to “Justice is Blind”?

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George Soros started funding and picking states district attorney’s.

Sounds like an opportunity for smash and grab and flash mobs.

Why not just tell people it’s a free for all, just keep it under $750.00 per occurrence.


That man has caused trouble wherever he goes. How many countries is he banned from?

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I guess the DA never heard of the broken windows theory. Smaller crimes lead to larger crimes.

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Somebody might have their tinfoil hats and claim the insurance companies put the Mayor up to this! Watch for the advocacy of getting renters insurance. “No problem folks just get the insurance and all your troubles go away!” “If you are to stumble across a black or some other unsavory character roaming your home searching and bagging your “stuff” valued under 750 dollars, just remain calm that is what Home owners and renters insurance is there for! Just pretend that they are not there and go about your business. On the other hand you can also pretend that they are Santa Claus and offer them cookies” and make such occasions a joyous stress free experience, knowing you are covered!

That’s a novel approach.

It went out the window with “Equal Treatment Under Law” and “Equal Rights”.

That’s pretty much what they’ve done.

Just another reason to stock up on 00 Buck.

The new District Attorney’s conclusion–oddly enough–appears to be that petty theft (i.e. all thefts under $750) are driven by “poverty,” rather than by a lack of character.

This, of course, is a view rooted in materialism (just as Marx’s Das Kapital was rooted in materialism).