D-Day 2019 - Seventy-five Years Later

As we watch, anything not-proggie is dissappearing from Y/G/F.

I am trying not to patronize them.


It was fun to see the sparkle in my Mother’s eye when she held the M1 Carbine part that she had machined all those years ago.

She was fresh out of high school when the war started.


Yeah Ok Magog! You are not even hiding it anymore! I hope the moderators are on to you as others here are as well!

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I thought Trump gave a moving speech in front of the surviving Veterans of D-Day. I am sure the left will nic-pick something wrong with that. But I don’t care what they say or think.
No matter what Trump says, does or whatever - the left are quick to say something stupid.

Actually the MSM gave him high marks largely. Some stating it his best speech ever. He was disciplined, read the speech written for him straight off the TelePrompTer without any add lib bulshit or unrelated attacks on political opponents or foreign mayors…

Beware! The train is waiting for you! Ship you out on a train I say! Ship you out on train with a can of gasoline!

Obama and his tele-prompter was synonymous. We all knew that. :slight_smile:

Indeed, Obama kept out of trouble, largely by sticking to the TelePrompTer.

…and when his teleprompter failed him, his was unable to speak. He is the biggest dumbass we’ve had in Washington for decades.

I put Maxine (Shit for brains) Waters and Hank (No brains at all) Johnson ahead of Barry the Buffoon.

His teleprompter didn’t fail…that time. Here’s one where he becomes a bumbling idiot without the technology.

Obama is a fraud!

Be honest with you, Obama would had been a great President if he was a Globalist. He will always be known as one. If that is the Legacyhe wishes to have, that is fine with me.

That’s an odd comment, not sure how to take it???

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Honestly, what are the Americans celebrating?
Victory over the wrong enemy?

Remember, Germany had no quarrel with England/America.
Vast majority of Americans had German heritage and didn’t want to fight Germany.

Germany only wanted to remove murderous Bolsheviks in Russia from power.

What a ridiculous string of lies.

If Hitler had no quarrel with England and the US why did he declare war on both and start attacking the US even before declaring war on us?

The vast majority of Americans in 1940 were of British ancestry, not German, although we had quite a few Germans as well.

America didn’t want the war, Hitler and Tojo attacked us and brought us to war.

German Americans of course had no problem enlisting by the millions and going to fight to liberate Europe from the Nazis once and for all because they like the rest of us recognized their evil for what it was and remains.

As for this… …

Germany only wanted to remove murderous Bolsheviks in Russia from power.

Were there any truth at all in that Hitler would have begun his war of conquest by pointing his guns east and Attacking Russia, not Poland, France, and England.

I’ll give you credit though, that has to be one of the most ridiculous lies in history.

This is Magog! He is such a disrespectful prick! This is why I hate the degenerate, he does sneaky crap like this! He is not fooling anyone and I hope the moderators start catching on to his crap!

Nahh, just his equally evil insane Nazi twin.

Trust me it is! I have proof!

If it’s true they have multiple personality syndrome. Coordinated efforts? For sure, just look at their login/posting times.

Same person, I very seriously doubt it.