D-Day 2019 - Seventy-five Years Later

This Then and Now Photo of Omaha Beach, Normandy Gave Me Chills


(Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944)


(Omaha Beach, June 6, 2018)

(Omaha Beach with her ghostly past.)


(Utah Beach, June 6, 1944)

(Juno Beach, June 6, 2018)

(Juno Beach, June 6, 1944)


My mother was not even 20 years old and machined parts for the M1 Carbines that were carried ashore that day.

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Bless her heart. I am sure she will remember that day as if happened yesterday.
My adopted Grandfather served in the Army during WWII. He mentioned to me that he went to Normandy in 1974 - during the Thirty Year Anniversary. I was young when he told me the story, so I vaguely remember what exactly what he said. He was certainly no John Wayne. That’s for sure.

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Regular guys fighting the evil of the day.



RESPECT! Thank you for your sacrifice!


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Trumps Remarks on the 75th anniversary of D-Day LIVE STREAM


I found this very interesting. It is the timeline of what happened during D-Day.


War romantics…

@montecresto1 I was watching some good videos on youtube about World War II. Especially, about how it all started. I love watching War history.

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I understand, I know many who do the same.

Well last night I was watching The Longest Day with John Wayne. I am a huge John Wayne fan. :slight_smile:


Too bad all of that sacrifice was for nothing…since Europe has been successfully invaded and occupied…and is currently being destroyed.

Refugees Welcome!

Much of the blame would go right to those Globalists. IMO

Couldn’t agree more. I’m only glad my father made it home from the battle of the bulge and it didn’t ruin his life. Lost him last year at 94.

Thank you for your service.

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I just recorded that to watch with my kids. By the time I was their age, I had seen TV broadcast versions of every WWII movie ever made, most in black+white.

These days there is too much Avenger crap, and not enough patriotic American truth.

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It had already been invaded, occupied and brutalized on a scale not seen since the Medieval Period.

That’s why we had to go in and liberate it.

There’s an amazing assortment of WWII movies and series on Youtube as well.

I was deeply honored to be there for the 40th and 50th Anniversaries. It saddens me to think that probably 90% of those veterans living in 84 are gone today. Ten years from now they will all be gone.