Creepy Joe is running for President

Uncle Creepy Joe Biden made it official, he is in the race. Now, my opinion is Joe and the DNC knows he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. I think he entered the race to help push the others that are running a little closer to the right.

All of the contenders are moving left and some have even gone past that. This country is not going to elect a socialist no matter how good their BS sounds.


He needs a campaign sign.

“A nuzzle for every girl and boy.”

Joe Biden needs a restraining order. Keep this creeper away from children…He kisses all kids, boys & girls, and fondles girls of many ages right in front of cameras & their stupid politically driven parents. Total pervert pedo. A joke that he even thinks about running for POTUS in 2020, yet I fear the former VP may be ‘their’ choice since he is the embodiment of the swamp.


That picture made me cringe. Ide love to see trump do this just to watch the left’s reaction.

Biden is controlled by Tehran. Right after 9/11 Biden said, “now would be a good time to send a check for $200 million to Iran.” He’s been financed by the pro-Tehran lobby -and has taken their positions - for decades.

Candace Owens had the best response of the day to the Biden 2020 announcement.

Biden…this guy still reads paper news and has fond memories of all the disgusting shit that went on in the 1960s. Of course he is campaigning on stale stuff your boomer hippie uncle still believes in. He still thinks all the cool kidz wear bell bottoms, listen to the rap music and still give a shit about rich ■■■■ dying in the holocaust.

Racism is not cool man!

Let’s not make fun of the old boy – he’s a real “go getter” and who knows – third time may be the charm! :rofl:

There’s no difference between any of the democrats running for president, they are all globalist communists. Dip shit Joe was supposed to bring back the White working class vote and he already shit the bed on that. He is the ultimate ■■■■■■■ willing to sellout his own people for the globalist agenda. The sellout white commies are worse than the brown commies.

Bernie is going to get the nomination.

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Are you kidding? The gang of wackos that he is running against make him look good by comparison.

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The kid is probably on some kind of medication now from that trauma.

"He gripped my head with both hands. I tried to say stop. But instantly his mouth is so close to mine that I could not see it. But it stunk. And I feared that if I opened my mouth to say NO, his stinking tongue would enter my body. I could not sleep for weeks after that. "

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He’s supposed to get the straight white male vote and still make the POC/■■■■■■■■■■ lady base happy. He decided badass Nazi fighter was the answer.

Don’t forget…the more attention Joe the Perv draws to himself? More the chance that the Messiah may have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do. :wink:


Ain’t that the truth!

Four years ago I felt that the DNC rallying around Hillary was a mistake. I took tremendous hell for it in my liberal circle of friends and on liberal discussion boards. Four years later I feel the same way about Joe Biden. I think he is the wrong candidate for this moment in American history.

It’s not only all the obvious stuff: his 50 years of voting records that will be sifted and re-sifted. It’s not only his disgraceful performance as chair in the Anita Hill hearings. Of how hard he pushed a bankruptcy bill, penned by credit card companies, that Clinton vetoed and GWB signed. And it’s not his touchy-feely way with women…and kids.

It’s not only all of that, but all of that is damning.

He is already courting big-check donors. Big checks corrupt. Bernie and Warren and Buttigieg and Beto all know better. Democratic voters know better and my hope is that many conservatives are starting to see the light on this issue as well.

Democratic voters know that the guys who write big checks own the recipients of the big checks. End of story, the righteous indignation of old school candidates and party bundles notwithstanding. The fact is the base has evolved. The era of the big check Democrat is over.

Biden is not digital, he’s analogue. The nation, the world, is digital. He is simply from the wrong era to be president. Here’s a question: “Would you want even the smartest Amish mechanic working on your car?”

We all know troglodytes. They are nice people. I struggle (not entirely successfully) not to be one. But troglodytes are the past.

Tech and social media screw the world together. Troglodytes can only have a theoretical understanding of this. Witness AOC chewing-up and spitting-out troglodytes who attack her. Witness the digital army Obama catalyzed.

Yeah, yeah, Biden has universal name recognition. So did Hillary.

But, some who still haven’t gotten memo, insist: “Hillary won the popular vote.” Woopie. She lost the EC. Biden could do the same.

Millenials need a galvanizing figure. The wild man from Vermont via Brooklyn, registered as an independent, can and has done that. Biden is no more capable of enthralling the millennials than Hillary was. They stayed home in 2016 rather than vote for her. They will stay home in 2020 if Biden is the nominee.

Biden is a third-way ruling-class democrat. A guy plugged-in to the same people as HRC and Bubba and all the Wall Street Ivy League “suits” of the last era. If he’s not on the board of Walmart it’s only because he was savvy enough to decline the position.

It’s time for change. Biden is from the last Millenium. He should not run. We should definitely not support him. He’s the safe bet the way Hillary was the safe bet in 2016.

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Every candidate past 60 years of age–and especially those nearing 80 years–carries a substantial load of baggage and a disconnect with the younger generation and its issues. That certainly includes Joe Biden and emphatically includes Bernie Sanders.

And I leave it there.

What if that means it is a Republican? You write as though it assumed Millennials are all democrats.

Nice high quality post @halcyan and thanks for coming over!

He has also shown a propensity to reward those interests as well. He pushed for the bankruptcy bill to help his big donors from the credit card companies. You can say it was in the states interest, but it was a very bad bill. He also has delivered for his Big Media donors in Hollywood by supporting draconian IP laws like SOPA (his BFF Chris Dodd scored the gig at the MPAA) which are easily seen as propping up failed business models.

So, yes, Biden is an “old school” politician…but that is hardly a thing to brag about.

Unless Biden goes off the deep end, he is probably the Democrats best chance of defeating Trump
As creepy as Biden is, he has a track record, Senator, Vice president to the messiah who could do no wrong

The rest of the field including Bernie has no chance of beating Trump, and I think if Trump and Biden battle it out, it might be the same scenario, Biden winning the popular vote and Trump wining the electoral vote ( which matters)

Bernie’s popularity will divide the Democrat party, he cant win the nomination but he will affect it like Ross Perot in the 1992 election that took votes away from the Republicans.

Stumbled on this. Woah! I love Joe Biden now!