Credit-card economics

It seems to me that President Trump (whose policies I usually like) and the Democrats in Congress have colluded to put more money on our national credit card–in other words, to spend money that has not yet been taken in by the federal government.

This means that our children, grandchildren, and great (even great-great) grandchildren will be paying for our current desires.

And the so-called “debt limit” is really a sad joke: It is just routinely raised every year.

I am a proud Republican; but, in all candor, I will have to say that the Republicans have been no less inclined than the Democrats to go along with this charade.

Perhaps it is all because The Political Class (which I thoroughly despise!) can get re-elected only by pleasing today’s voters–and not by worrying about the effect upon future generations (who, in many cases, have not even been born yet).

We haven’t had a balanced budget in truth since probably the beginning of WWII if even then.

Spending for more than a hundred years now has been based on need, not how much money the fed’s are sitting on.

Our norm is to pay current expenditures with bonds, and the revenue then is divided between current expenditures and debt service and I doubt that is ever going to change significantly.

With our ever bloating welfare state I don’t see any alternative short of a complete collapse and reboot.

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Sadly, you are probably correct here…

Debt is an issue since Babylon.
But the Bible had a solution, called jubilee, where all debts are nullified every 49 years.
We may call that a reset.

It is the debt-based, interest-bearing Babylonian banking system that rules the world today, causing wars and all life miseries.
What’s the solution?
A jubilee, a reset.

George C. Wallace was absolutely correct in saying that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans.

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Yeah the national debt is a real problem and I am sure Andrew Jackson is rolling in his grave right now over this travesty!

Solution is simple.
Have the President declare the debt is null and void.
Actually, the Central Banksters have nothing to lose.

Blah, blah blah more nonsense from you! You speak like a true communist!

Please cite for us where that is covered under the enumerated powers of the POTUS.

Yes but…
For clarity, take away the zeros and then analyze.

A household income = $700,000 vs. $7T
Home Mortgage = $2,200,000 @ 1.5% interest rate vs. $22T

Would that seem unreasonable to anyone?

“National debt” is all a fiction.
Just like Superman and Mickey Mouse.

Go ahead and believe.

All fiction for people like you who choose not to live in reality! No wonder why you love UFO, Aliens, and Kennedy’s ghost, you self indulge in your mental masturbations on a daily basis because you have nothing of value to offer!


The fact is that most of the politicians in both parties are utterly and hopelessly addicted to spending. Also nobody wins elections by promising to cut spending.

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The debt will never be paid off by any generation, the country will go belly up before that happens.

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Look up Rand Paul’s “Penny Plan” to pay off the debt in 10 years.

You are entirely correct.

This is just one example of why I simply detest all professional politicians–with either a “D” or an “R” beside their names.

I would truly love to burn to the ground the entire Political Class–and never again have anyone in Congress or the White House who was not simply a citizen-politician (with the emphasis upon the word “citizen”).

There would be no such thing anymore as a “Political Ladder.” Rather, it would be an act of sacrifice–not a step upon the ladder of “career enhancement”–to take a few years off, and serve one’s country in Washington.

Kennedy’s ghost? That’s a new one.

Talking about yourself? You seem to do that a lot.
Of course I have nothing to offer to masturbators.

No I am talking about you! Just look at the number of conspiracy threads you post here! Your face and Maggots Ass is a perfect match!

Don’t take the bait.

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By and large a politician’s goal is power and wealth. These positions should be part time. I mean really, how much actual “work” do these people actually do? They don’t need to live in D.C., they could use Go To Meeting, Skype, etc. And there should be term limits. Their “jobs” are not that complicated and everyone of them is easily replaced.

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